How to Lead a Sustainable Life in Oslo: Transportation

This post was written by first year MSc in Strategic Marketing Management student Anastasiia Ponomarenko

In 2019, Oslo received a prestigious title – European Green Capital. This achievement resulted because of combined efforts of the city council and citizens, who support green initiatives and behave accordingly.

Why did Oslo receive this prestigious award? And how are we, students in this city, contributing? Here are some explanation of local policies and small tips on how to make your experience of studying in Oslo more sustainable 😉

The award “European Green Capital” is given based on 12 indicators such as Climate Change, Local Transport, Energy Performance, etc. Since it will take us forever to go through every single indicator, we decided to concentrate on two of the most concerning topics for students: how to get to the uni (in this article)and where to eat (in the following one).

Getting around Oslo

Public Transportation. The most popular mean of transportation around Oslo is – public transportation. For only 462 NOK a month students get unlimited access to busses, trams, metro (aka T-bane), and even ferries. Tickets can be purchased either in specialized kiosks or through the mobile RuterBillett app! Read more info about helpful apps for life in Oslo in this post.

Image result for oslo t bane map
Map of Oslo’s metro system

In order to cut down air pollution and increase the number of urban open spaces, city council targets to reduce the number of cars in the city center by switching citizens to other means of transportation. In particular, the public transportation network in Oslo is so wide and advanced, that there are high chances you will end up living in max 10 min walking distance to some type of public transport stop. Moreover, there are special night buses operating every Friday and Saturday. Thus, if you are a student and up for party mood – there is no problem in returning home after midnight 😉

When it comes to sustainability, Oslo public transportation provider Ruter has stated that all the modes of transport it operates will become entirely emission free by 2028. Already now, Oslo citizens can ride busses that are fueled on a recycled food – a truly unique experience for international students!

Bikes and Scooters. Besides public transportation, there are also several “sharing” platforms available in the city. For instance, if you are not afraid of Oslo hills and are up for physical activity, you can try getting around the city by bike. In order to explore the city “on two wheels” citizen can easily rent a bike from Oslo Bysykkel. Due to improvements of “cycling” infrastructure and converting parking to bright-red bike lanes, this city bike-share system tripled to nearly 3 million trips a year between 2015 and 2018, and keeps growing until today. You can learn more about Oslo Bysykkel app by following this link.

Oslo Bysykkle renting station.

Another available bike-renting company is Viking Biking. With them, citizens and tourists can not only rent a bike but also join a guided tour around the city. If you prefer to traverse around the city by yourself though, check out this cycling map before the trip. 🙂

In addition to cycling, Oslo keeps up with the global trends and provides an access to several scooter-sharing platforms. Currently available options are the USA-founded Lime, German TIER and Swedish Voi.

Lastly, it is great to enjoy the green city of Oslo by simply walking along the streets. Due to decreased number of cars in the central area, the number of pedestrians increased by 10% in comparison with the previous year. With the short distances between major attractions, strolling along the city during the sunny day is a true pleasure!

To sum up, there are numerous options for students to get around the city in environmental-friendly way. Once here in Oslo – make sure to try out diverse options to make your experience of studying here even more exciting and unforgettable! 🙂

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