Life in Bergen

I graduated from National Economics University, Hanoi in 2015. After graduation I worked in Ho Chi Minh City: 1 year in HR department at Masan Consumer and 3 years in Operations department at Generali Vietnam Life Insurance Company. In both these two companies, I was recruited in Management Trainee program so I had opportunities to work in different departments and take part in key projects, especially when I worked at Generali. At Generali, I was responsible for important projects of the company to increase productivity and lift up customer satisfaction, as well as I had chances to work with Management Team and to develop my leadership skill when working with my team.

After 3 years of working, I seek for new experiences and continue to study about project management, changes management and changes driven to improve working efficiency. This is reason why I chose “Leadership and Change” course at BI Norwegian Business School. BI has given the chance to start my journey in Europe with International Scholarship – Bergen. Studying at Bergen Campus with 8 other classmates is wonderful experiences for me. My classmates are all nice, supportive and because of this small group, it is very easy for us to work in group and discuss with each other. One time, our professor said humorously that we could not hide in the class, we all had to speak during the lecture. In fact, I think it is an advantage because I can see myself visible in the class and my contribution for the lecture. All students receive the attention from professors and the university, not only for the lecture in class but also for the opportunities to meet professionals from companies at Bergen.

I feel lucky when I am here at Bergen Campus because being the pioneer for master class at Bergen, we have a lot of opportunities to build network with companies here to prepare for our career after graduation.

It’s true that Bergen is a rainy city. Since I came to Bergen, I got used to check weather forecast every morning to see what I should wear to the day and do I need to bring the umbrella and whenever the sun comes out I will immediately have plan to go hiking or just walk around the lake near my house. Except for the rain, Bergen is an amazing city. Standing on the top of mountains to see the sunset or the city at night, walking around the lake in the afternoon are wonderful experiences. Although I have just lived here for 2 months, I think that if one day I have to leave this city, I will miss it so much. See you in Bergen

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