Careers of the Future- Business Analytics

This post is written by first year MSc student in MSc in Business Analytics Raha Golamini from Iran, and Jose Luis Sánchez from Mexico.

The galloping rate at which the world is changing requires a change in how we, as humans, look at the world. There is no way that we can keep up with the pace of changes using the old methods we have been using before. But how can we figure out how to deal with these changes? Well, the answer definitely lies within the data! Universities have started to create a new program in order to train people how to understand, analyze, and use data. This program is called “Business Analytics” and it’s designed to prepare us for the future, especially as a working force. With a wide range of courses from computer programming to marketing and supply chain management, it is the combination of skills, technologies, applications and processes to gain insight in to the businesses based on data.

What skills will you get by getting a degree in Business Analytics?

  • Managerial skill
  • Technical skill
  • Communication skill
  • Problem solving skill
  • Analytical skill
  • Decision making skill
  • Critical thinking skill
  • Negotiation skill

During your studying years at BI, you have the chance to learn about programming, data analytics, business optimization, machine learning, business simulation and system dynamics, working with big data, marketing, risk management, supply chain, and many more! The importance of getting a degree in Business Analytics is more relevant nowadays, as the industry increasingly demands professionals who are capable of handling and interpreting a great deal of data, and the most importantly, to take decisions based on those data. In other words, people that are both able to manage data and also have knowledge about business environment are needed in different companies and industries such as Finance, Economics, Manufacture, Logistics, Health Industry, IT services and many more. With all this taken into account, you as a Business Analyst will be able to look into the previous data available in a system or a business, predict how things will go in the future, and create solutions that work based on learning from previous and current data.

What will be your career path with a degree in Business Analytics?

The good news is: Any thing that needs analysis can become your next job! From Marketing and Product, to Finance and Human Resources, you can fit in very well. Moreover, if you are a business analytics student (or want to become one) at BI Norwegian Business School, the school will provide you with a lot of great opportunities like preparing you for job interviews, looking at your CV or cover letters, and more!

This first semester at BI has been a very pleasant experience with all the lectures content, different machine languages to learn, a lot of fields to apply this knowledge, guest lectures, conferences with professionals and a lot of online courses and resources that BI has provided for us, and all of it have made this course of study very interesting. Diversity and the wide range of cultures in BI, makes it possible to share Master courses with classmates from other regions of the world: people with different points of views, ideas, and opinions, that make learning even more enriching.

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