From India to Norway

This post is written by first year MSc in Business Analytics student Abhijeet Singh.

Joining BI Norwegian Business School, the premier institute of Europe was a dream come true for me. I’m Abhijeet Kumar Singh from the capital city of Chhattisgarh, India currently pursuing MSc at BI which is 2-year, full-time program.

The initial week was the induction week, where the real ice breaking was done. The next few weeks were exciting as program has a hefty chunk of learning. The pace and volume is intense. The good news is that it’s interesting, interactive and invigorating. As a skilled, enthusiastic and enterprising professional with experience serving in various sectors and roles over the past few years in India, I was eager to join a business school to hone my skills. After getting the scores of GMAT, I started browsing the website for the best business schools when I came across BI Norwegian School and that was it! I got everything what I was looking for. I wanted to have a balance of exploring a new city and all it has to offer, a city that can open networking opportunities after I completed the course.

My priority was to look for a business school that provided soft and practical skills, allowed students develop while attending university, in order to be competitive and career-ready, and a business school that will give me more than a traditional or theoretical based curriculum. I was looking for a program which encourages real-world experience by incorporating practical elements, such as live business challenges, simulations, and projects with employers. This not only enriches my experience but can also add extra wow-factors on profile. I was eager to accomplish my goals outside of the classroom since business is becoming more and more global. Having the option to study in BI Norwegian Business School will increase the relevancy of my business degree as I work towards these goals.

When the classes started, I discovered that the professors are able to embody what they teach and offer more than just academic expertise. Faculty members at BI are from leading universities in the world and bring to the classroom a rich blend of teaching and research expertise and industry exposure. They are the best in their fields.I was also excited about studying with students from around the world, in order to learn about different cultures, share ideas and insights. On the first day, I was looking into the number of nationalities present among the student body and I was bewildered at the the diversity on campus. I was confident that my program will certainly prepare me for a promising future. BI lays great emphasis on holistic development of students and the Institute provides a range of opportunities outside the classroom as well – be it industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits. BI offers students opportunities to interact with and learn from accomplished people. Business leaders, representatives of government and non-government organisations, artists and intellectuals regularly visit our campus on invitation to deliver talks and presentations that provide insights to the careers and personal attributes of these role-models. For learning to be effective it needs to be delivered in a congenial environment that not just nurtures but stimulates the interest of the best minds that receive it. BI offers world-class infrastructure that supports the pursuit of knowledge and the exercise of individual interests.

However, I understand that most people are not this fortunate and are left with the notion that if they don’t have a metric ton of money, they won’t be able to go abroad for their education, or that the admission procedure is too tedious and they won’t do it. While it is a little bit more work than what you would do in India, I assure you that it’s worth it and after you’re done, you’ll be extremely grateful that you did. Additionally, it really is not the case that if you don’t have a lot of money, you can’t go abroad. While that might be true for some countries, it’s not true for Norway. If you have got talent and if you can work hard for the things you love to do the most, it’s very possible.

Norway is one of the very few countries where English is the main mode of communication, both inside and outside academia in post graduation course. Norway  is known to be immigrant friendly. Norway is an expensive country, very expensive (I mean, it’s one of the wealthiest nations in Europe). However, it is also a pleasant & peaceful country and things differ greatly across Europe. BI Norwegian School provides generious scholarships to international students to pursue their education. BI Norwegian School looks at everything when deciding whether to accept you or not—from your GMAT score to recommendation letters from your teachers to your extra-curricular activities to the essays you write and so much more. It has a holistic admission criteria, that is student friendly and transparent.

In my surmise, BI Norwegian  Business School craft students into astute decision makers and professionals who can readily navigate uncertainty, risk, and change. Grab the opportunity of studying in a world class university & reap the dividends of a lifetime.

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