Class of 2019 Bachelor Graduation

Last Thursday, friends and families of our bachelor students were invited to BI Norwegian Business School Oslo campus to celebrate the completion of their bachelor degrees!

Starting from 14:00, BI campus lit up with BI blue lights as students started walking in their gowns with champagne in their hand and big smile on their face. ” It was really nice to get to see my friends again because some start working after their bachelor, some continue to do a master degree abroad, and some went back home or moved to a different city. The graduation ceremony brought us back together again.”, said one of our students.

Three ceremonies were held at the same time,starting with a speech from the President of BI, followed by a graduate representative’s speech, best students award and a group picture.

From the graduation speech: ”It has been an amazing three years. All the ups and downs and the challenging tasks that we have been through together make us bond and creates the memorable three years here at BI. It is hard to say good-bye, but at the same time it is excited to start a new journey!”

Once again, we want to congratulate all of our students for finishing your degree! Thank you for the hard work and time you invested here at BI! We wish you good luck in your up-coming journey! Congratulations class of 2019!

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