Day 1 in Oslo

With prep courses starting, our new students start arriving in Oslo. Here are some tips and important things you need to remember for all our new students coming from far away. Do you know how to get to the city center from Oslo Airport? Do you know where to pick up your key? Do you know where to buy food and small supplies? Read this post to make your Day 1 in Oslo easier!

From Airport to the City Center.

Here are some key words you need to know to make buying tickets easier!

  1. Oslo Airport = Oslo Lufthavn
  2. Oslo Central Station = Oslo S, Oslo Sentralstasjon, Jernbernetoget
  3. Ticket = Billett

You can either take a normal train (VY) or the airport express (Flytoget) which runs every 20 minutes. Use your Admission Letter as a proof to buy student tickets on public transportation. But if you are above 30 years old then you are not eligible for a student discount! Also, if you arrive late in Oslo, don’t forget to check the time table for transportation. Useful links:

  1. Normal Train (VY):
  2. Airport Express (Flytoget):

Arrival in the City Center

A monthly student ticket is the best way for you to get around and give you the best value of money. Once activated, it will be valid for 30 days. There is no need to swipe your card or ticket every time if you buy a period pass, but don’t forget to activate your ticket after purchase!

Where to buy a ticket?

  1. Ruter’s Customer Service Center
  2. Ticket Machines
  3. Convenience stores (Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli De Luca etc.) or other service points.
  4. Ruter App

We recommend getting a travelcard which costs 50NOK, and you can top it up every month or with other type of ticket that suits your needs, alternatively you can use the Ruter App and have the ticket in your phone all the time. A Ruter ticket allows you to take all types of public transportations, from trains, metros(T-bane), trams, boats to busses. Zone 1 ticket is usually enough for our students! Useful links:

  1. Ruter#:

From City Center to your Student Housing

First, don’t forget to check the address of your student housing, find out where to pick up your keys, the opening times and how to get there.

1.SiO Kundesenter: Kristian Ottosens Hus, Problemveien 9, Oslo. Take Metro(T-bane) line 4 or 5 westbound to Blindern, then walk 5 minutes to SiO’s customer service center. SiO:

2. BSN (Boligstiftelsen Nydalen): Gunnar Schjelderups vei 13A, Oslo. Take Metro(T-bane) line 4 or 5 Ringen westbound to Nydalen, then walk 7 minutes to BSN administration office. BSN:

3. Diakonhjemmet: Diakonveien 10, Oslo. Take Metro(T-bane) line 1 westbound to Frøen, then walk 3 minutes to Diakonhjemmet’s office. Diakonhjemmet:

4. Anker Studentbolig: Hausmannsgate 8K, Oslo. Take Bus 34 or 54 to Jakob Kirke, then walk 1 minutes to Anker Studentbolig’s office. Anker Studentbolig:

For some student housings after picking up keys you need to take public transportation again to your dorm! Please also check the office opening hours before heading there. Last but not least, for more information please visit housing provider’s website, information here may change year to year.

Where to Buy Groceries, Furnitures, and Home Supplies

After settling down, you are probably wondering where to buy some food and supplies for you room. Here are some of the names of the local stores that you can go to. Check out the locations on google map to find out the closest store to your place.

  1. Supermarkets: Rema 1000, Kiwi, Coop, Meny
  2. Electronic stores: Elkjøp, Power
  3. Furnitures: IKEA
  4. Home Supplies: Clas Ohlsen TGR, Nille, Normal

On BI’s student portal you can also find more information about arrival in Oslo, go to Menu -> International Students -> Getting Around to find out more. Also don’t forget to read the Survival Guide to help smoothen your transitional period.

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