From Vietnam to Norway

Name: Huyen Tran

Degree programme: Msc in Business

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor in Economics

Undergraduate University: Foreign Trade University – Hanoi

Hometown: Vietnam

Citizenship: Vietnamese

Oslo City Hall


I have had dream of studying abroad since I was a child, but I used to think that was out of reach. I did not have strong financial base and my parents did not either. My family´s income is only from growing rice, I know how hard it is for my mom to work for the whole family need at the same time of caring my dad´s sickness. Thus, I never dare to think of furthering my education.

However, I changed my mind when my best friend recommended me to apply for a scholarship. I was aware that if I could get the scholarship, I could make my dream come true. Therefore, I spent a long time searching about studying abroad, especially the process of recruiting, the chance of getting a scholarship and the opportunity for my major in logistics and supply chain management.

From some friends I know from my university in Hanoi, who also furthered their study at BI, I know about the partnership between BI and FTU. When I seek for advices from FTU, BI was strongly recommended to me and became my goal. I put so much effort to be here and did not regret my choice at all.

BI school has good reputation in the business education as one of the top universities in Europe. BI is known for the triple crown which less than 1 % of business schools worldwide have achieved. I have no doubt that studying here could increase the chance of getting my targeted career.

Academic Experience

The best piece of advice I can give to new students for my program is to prepare technical English words and to get connection between practical work and theories.

I have been challenged by loads of information we need to prepare for the class and acquire during the course. I am aware of that studying master must be more demanding than bachelor, but it still took me a while to get used to the fast pace of studying.

International Experience

The biggest culture shock for me moving here is about people. When I tried to start a conversation, Norwegians do not seem to like small talks. I also knew that it is difficult to get to know them. It is quite contradicted to Vietnamese culture, where people easily become friends.

The most remarkable experience I have had so far is when I bought some ingredients to Vietnamese noodle, it was extremely expensive. I have already known it is very expensive in Oslo, but to make that dish, it cost me nearly ten times more than in Vietnam.

The scariest thing about moving away from home was being lonely. Getting new friends is not easy, and there exists some difference in language, or the way of thinking as well as culture. Being alone is unavoidable but after some time you will get used to it.

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