From Russia to Norway

Name: Sofia Borisova

Degree programme: MSc in Business, major in marketing

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of management, major in marketing

Undergraduate University: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Hometown: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


I first heard about BI Norwegian Business School when I joined buddy-system in PRUE. On the first week, I helped a Norwegian girl from BI and I don’t know why, but I easily remembered the school’t name ”BI”.

I decided to go to BI because I wanted to continue studying marketing but at the same time try something new from business field, especially management consulting. I believe this will help my career by having an international education, deep business and marketing knowledge and a skill of getting out of challenging situations.

Academic Experience

The best piece of advice I can give to a new student about my programme is that you should totally choose it, if you are interested not only in marketing but in other specializations, too. In the second year you can take any electives you want, so won’t lose your chance to explore. You will be challenged by reading a great number of scientific articles. but eventually, you get used to it.

International Experience

The biggest culture shock for me moving here is environmental friendless everywhere in Norway. Not only an unbelievable amount of electric cars (that’s a common fact) but also compostable dishes, a fight against food waste, etc.

The most remarkable experience I have had so far is Preikestolen and Atlantic Ocean Road! For me, Norway is not about cities and towns, it is the the amazing nature. The one thing you absolutely must do while living here is to go hiking. There are so many incredible places to go, and that’s really easy: get an app OUTTT or just follow the “hiking” signs on the trees.

The scariest thing about moving away from home was not getting adjusted to Norway, Norwegians and Business School requirements. But so far, so good – I love it.


The most remarkable and interesting thing I learned about myself at BI so far is that I can actually be happy and be myself anywhere in the world. Norway and BI together strengthen both my academic and social skills.

My career goal is to be the best at my job. For now, it doesn’t really matter which sphere it is – I am going to do the best I can and even more wherever I am.

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