Top 5 places to buy good yet inexpensive food

Written by: Oksana Buzynnyk, Ivanna Demchuk and Iryna Dadashova, first year MSc students at BI.

As a student, you have to know places where to buy good food to support your mind and body with energy and vitamins. If you are a student in Norway, you definitely have to know places to buy good YET inexpensive food! As our bodies constantly require some ‘food injections’ during studies, we have to plan and organize well our diet, control the food for the allergens content, and when hardships in the form of midterms and exams come, simply not hesitate to feed your stomach and brain with big sweet chocolate bar (don’t forget to share with your fellow friends;) Therefore, in this article we will describe TOP 5 places to buy good yet inexpensive food. The list includes grocery supermarkets as KIWI, REMA 1000, and COOP (Mega), one fresh vegetable and fruits grocery store at Gronland, and SiO Food and Beverage canteens and coffeeshops.

Let’s dive into it!

#1:  KIWI

No, it is not a bird or a single fruit! KIWI is the youngest of the low-cost grocery chains in Norway and Denmark. There is a full range of products from fresh bread to yummy salmon to plastic cups for your picnic day!

In addition to premium brands, it also carries the private label First Price. Whether you know it or not yet, in Norway people buy and eat frozen pizzas. A lot. The list includes brands as Dr Oetker, Grandiosa, First Price and it goes on. You can choose any you like, heat it up in the oven, and enjoy while watching your favorite TV series. Many students follow this choice, but still, you should be careful since pizzas are yummy yet full of calories delights!

Kiwi in Kringsja

#2:  REMA 1000

Another low-cost in the area of grocery supermarkets in Norway. You can find the stores on every corner. As in every supermarket, there is a good variety of food. You can also buy ready meals, sandwiches, or tasty pies and cakes. Among all other chains, REMA 1000 is the one with the lowest prices.

#3:  COOP Mega

Coop Mega is a chain of supermarket stores throughout Norway managed by Coop Norge and owned by local cooperatives. As BI students, we are lucky to have one COOP Mega store right near the university! Forgot to prepare a lunch or had no time? Pay a visit to this supermarket on your way to BI or during the break. Prices might be slightly higher than in KIWI or REMA 1000, but the choice of groceries does not lack behind.

Coop Mega in Nydalen next to BI

#4:  Grønlands Torg Frukt og Grønt (or Greenland Fruit and Vegetables Market).

If not a paradise, then definitely THE place to shop for more than 150 different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as other groceries. Mainly this place is known for cheap food from a variety of countries. At first, you might be stunned by the number of customers every minute. Nevertheless, give it a first try, and you will realize the magnitude of the assortment of goods. The store tempts you with a diverse selection of dried fruits and exotic foods, fresh herbs, olives, and sweet delights. If you want to create an exotic dish, you will find a large selection of raw materials and spices that you may need.

Grønlands Torg Frukt og Grønt

Aftenposten (famous Norwegian newspaper) has compared the largest grocery chains and single fruit & vegetables store. The comparison showed that the shopping cart from Greenland Fruit and Vegetables cost NOK 91.50. Similar goods cart from the six chain stores that were included in the price test cost between NOK 118 and NOK 144.

The Gronland store is open every day except Sunday from 7 am until 8 pm. Enjoy food shopping!

#5:  SiO Food and Beverage.

Being a student requires some cost reductions – it is not a lucrative business. Fortunately, SiO has some special offers to help you stretch your budget. There are over 40 eateries in all SiO campuses over the Oslo. The best deals can offer cheap yet fresh food (if you are lazy to cook or no time), for example, the roll with cheese can cost you 10 NOK, roll with ham and cheese 20 NOK, pasta salad with egg 25 NOK, fresh orange juice 0,25 litre for 10 NOK, and coffee Deal refill 10 NOK. Yes, there is a student favorite and beloved Coffee Deal (in Norway we drink coffee. A lot. Bitter. No sugar.  You will get used to it!)  All that you need is to buy a thermo mug for 39 NOK or a KeepCup for 99 NOK, and fill it up as often as you like for only 10 NOK per time (alarm: be aware of caffeine intake).  The mug can be filled in all SiO cafeterias and coffeeshops. Little catch: in coffeshops, the price for refill is 15 NOK.

You can download the Mitt SiO app for today’s dinner, loyalty cards, coupons and offers. In the app, you can use the loyalty card and get every 10th coffee drink (also works in Deiglig Bakeries and Diggbar) and 10th Youfood meal for free! If you are not familiar with Youfood concept, read on. It means that you can pick and mix your own food. At SiO canteens, you can help yourself with a plate of salads, warm dishes, bread and much more, that is weighed and paid for by hectograms. This way you can choose what to eat and how much you want to eat, as well as helping in reducing food waste. NB! You can book an appointment with the Nutrition Guide at SiO to learn more about how your diet affects you.

Overall, keep posted on more information on canteens’ offers and news with a SiO page:

We hope you find the information useful for your stay in Norway. Ohhh, wait, another stream of usefulness: To maximize your efforts in finding good food sales and discounts, download the app Matilbud from the AppStore or Play Market!

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