From China to Norway

Name: Yunman Jiang

Degree programme: MSc in Business Analytics

Undergraduate Degree: BSc in Management

Undergraduate University: Southwest Petroleum University

Hometown: Sichuan, China

Citizenship: Chinese


I first heard about BI Norwegian Business School…

I first heard BI at QS fair in Chengdu. I was looking forward to doing my master in Europe and I was into two-year programmes at that time. After a deep talk, I found BI perfectly match my expectations. And after reading the brochure, I was surprising found that Munch is a Norwegian painter and I was attracted by the outdoor activities in Oslo.

I decided to go to BI because….

I want to learn Business Analytics, but I also want to study in Europe. There are not many European business schools having this programme, but BI opens one this year. Moreover, I like art and music, I added BI some points for Munch Museum and music lives when I was doing my decision.

I believe this will help my career by …

BI located in the capital city of Norway, which means there are a lot of opportunities to get touch with the real business world for students. Additionally, the relationship between China and Norway is getting better, so, the business interactions between these two countries will become closer. Studying and living in Norway can help finding opportunity for self-career development under this trend.

Academic Experience:

The best piece of advice I can give to a new student about my programme is……

Start learning programming as soon as possible if you don’t have backgrounds in programming. Because programming could be challenging for beginners. It looks hard at the first glance, but after several weeks learning, you will find it is not that difficult. If you start this struggle of learning programming after lectures, it might add unnecessary bad experience for you. BTW, Datacamp is a good learning source for beginners.

I have been challenged by……

Group assignments are a small challenge for me. Group work is a tradition in Nordic area, everything including tests, small problem sets, and graduation thesis could be work in group. Although we also have group assignment in China, but it is usually something having a topic, need a lot of research work, and required a presentation. So, I can’t understand why we even need a group for tests, there should be competitions between peer students, isn’t there? But after doing this I gradually able to understand it. The work of doing a master is not that easy, sometimes you really need someone company with you and discuss with you to solve those hard questions, especially in the cold and long winter here. And by working with other people closely, you can really learn a lot from others, this could also be very helpful for our future work.

International Experience:

The biggest culture shock for me moving here was…..

Almost all stores close on Sunday, and even weekdays, stores close very early. But at many cities in China, you can even order food in the mid night. Closed store requires we preplan details of our everyday life, which I rarely do in China. At the first month I feels very inconvenient, but now I love it. It gives people reason to take a rest and pay attention on life itself.

The most remarkable experience I have had so far is…..

Taking a commute boat from city center to a little island with no residents. The view is amazing and the most wonderful part of this is that it only takes 20 minutes from city center to a great natural landscape.

The one thing you absolutely must do while living here is……

Hiking with friends on a sunny summer Sunday. The summer in Oslo is the best! I came to Oslo in August, sunset at 9.00pm. Don’t waste the great sunshine and go into the natural!

The scariest thing about moving away from home was……

I can’t cook good food myself and I can’t afford eating outside every meal here. So, I have very hungry first two weeks. But now I get 7kg fat because I eat a lot of sweets to offset my stomach. Another thing also comforts me is that the wine here is cheaper than in china actually.

At Oslo City Center


The most remarkable/interesting thing I learned about myself at BI so far is…

I enjoy making friends. Moving to a completely strange place is a hard thing in many aspects, but friends can make things different. Luckily, I already have some good friends here now.

My career goal is……

Get into a consulting company or being a business analyst in a technology company. Best in Oslo, because I already fall in love with this city. Also act some roles in social organizations for the benefits of the human future.

Do not miss your chance, GO NORTH!

Yunman Jiang started the Master of Science in Business Analytics programme in August 2018. To find out more about the programme, go to or email

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