From Vietnam to Norway

Name: Trang Kieu Bui         

Degree program: MSc in Accounting and Business Control

Undergraduate Degree: International Business Economics

Undergraduate University: Foreign Trade University

Hometown: Hanoi

Citizenship: Vietnamese


I first heard about BI Norwegian Business School last year through a friend of my husband. She is a scholarship recipient of BI and she shared on Facebook a lot of interesting things about the life at BI and life in Norway. Those things made me curious and I decided to research about Norway and BI Norwegian Business School. Luckily, I fell in love with nature of Norway just by the first look and was really impressed to know that Norway is the happiest country in the world. Moreover, it was more than happy to hear that BI Norwegian Business School is among one of the best business schools in the world and the Master of Science program in Business, majored in Accounting and Business Control at BI perfectly fits the demand of my career, filling my shortage of knowledge as I was pursuing the Business Control career path.

I believe this program will help my career by offering practical courses directly relating to my job such as Financial Accounting and Taxation, Business Analysis Programming and providing me a chance to have an internship in the second year, which will allow me to learn a lot of vital skills, open my eyes to other country’s financial systems and earn more practical knowledge.

Academic Experience

The best piece of advice I can give to a new student about my program is that you will be exposed to a huge amount of knowledge and exercises as well as assignments in a very short period of time. Therefore you should be well prepared before each class, for example reading as much materials as possible in advanced since professors assume that you come to class with careful preparation.

I have been challenged by tons of exercises and materials, so I think time management skill is very important when you enter a Master program. If you can manage your time well, not only you can deal with those studying easily but you can also manage to join curriculum activities at BI and spend some times to travel around Europe.

International Experience

The biggest culture shock for me moving here was that in the Buddy week, a friend asked me and my classmate to visit her house, which was not far from school, but everyone had to buy their own drinks to bring along. This is very strange to me because in Vietnam, if you invite someone to your house, you will be responsible for serving them with food and drinks. However, I think this culture is reasonable as everything in Oslo is very expensive and as a student, you cannot afford to invite all of your friends to your house and offering them free drinks.

The most remarkable experience I have had so far is that Norwegian people are really polite and helpful. When I was on the T-bane station and there was an announcement which was of course in Norwegian, some people had noticed my understand-nothing-face and actively came to explain to me what the announcement was about, and I really appreciated that kind action.

The one thing you absolutely must do while living here is that you must go skiing. Actually I never know how to ski before and also this winter is the first time I see snow, which is really wonderful, however, many Norwegian friends told me that skiing is so much fun and all Norwegian go skiing in the winter. Therefore, I am really looking forward to try skiing in Norway mountain this winter.

The scariest thing about moving away from home is that I miss my son so much, all interaction between me and my son now is only through the screen of my phone. But the positive thing is that I am going to meet him on Christmas, right after the tough exam, I will fly back to Vietnam.


The most remarkable/interesting thing I learned about myself at BI so far is my adaptability to new situation is very quick and I can easily make friends with Norwegian people which I consider a good start for my life here.

My career goal after graduating from Master program is to become a business controller in an international company in Norway. The further dream is to become the Chief Financial Officer of a bank in Vietnam

Do not miss your chance, GO NORTH!

Bui Kieu Trang started the MSc in Accounting and Business Control in August 2018. To find out more about the programme, go to or email

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