From Russia to Norway

Name: Vladimir Khachaturov

Degree programme: BBA 1st year

Undergraduate University: BI Norwegian Business School

Hometown: Kislovodsk, Russia


I first heard about BI Norwegian Business School, when I had faced a challenge to choose a business school to get my degree in the business major.

I decided to go to BI because it is a business school with one of the highest levels in business education in Europe. High rankings in Financial Times and other executive rankings. Moreover, BI administration is focused on providing everything you need to fit in the study environment and atmosphere.

I strongly believe that this school will help me to boost my career by providing valuable knowledge; hosting social events and a lot of networking and business experience.

Academic Experience

The best piece of advice I can give to a new student about my programme is that if you have been enrolled in BI, you received a great opportunity which can determine your successful future, just don’t miss it.

I have been challenged by the new academic approach because in Russia teachers use old methods of teaching and the first few weeks I have spent on trying to get used to it. Now I realize that this innovative educational methods and approaches are ten times better than in Russia.

From the Scholarship Ceremony

International Experience

The biggest culture shock for me moving here was that everyone stick to the rules and regulations, sometimes too much I can say.

The most remarkable experience I have had so far is the scholarship ceremony on the last floor of our incredible glass building with the roof access and a gorgeous view. We have been granted scholarship certificates, served with very tasty food and practicing small talk.

The one thing you absolutely must do while living here is traveling. Norway is a beautiful country with a lot of unbelievable places to visit.

The scariest thing about moving away from home was a new culture, new mentality, and ordinary homesickness.


My career goal is to build an international company which will connect Norway, Russia, and China at least.

Do not miss your chance, GO NORTH!

Vladimir Khachaturov started the BBA programme in August 2018. To find out more about the programme, go to or email

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