From Brazil to Norway

Name: Ana Beatriz Barreto

Degree programme: MSc Finance

Undergraduate Degree: Economics

Undergraduate University: Federal University of Ceará

Hometown: Fortaleza, Brazil


Trying to decide where to go for your Master’s degree involves a lot of research and endless doubts, especially when continuing your studies abroad is not the most common thing for Brazilians. Because of that, the internet was the only tool I had to get all the information I needed and give another step towards the future.

I first read about BI in one website where you select your field of study and continent you want to pursue your degree. I had never thought of Norway per se, but Scandinavia itself was in my mind and one of the reasons I decided to come here was to get to know such a different culture from the Latin one. However, the two biggest reasons were the belief that at BI the teaching methods would be more advanced and would have more resources for the student and BI’s good rankings in Europe.

By having a Master’s degree in Finance, I believe many doors can be opened, especially if you consider finding a job outside your home country. Having such a diploma is not a must in Brazil, but I believe it is very useful to get higher positions when applying to companies. Either way and wherever I decide to go on with my professional life, the amount of knowledge you get from being a Master’s student can be a great motivation itself.

Academic Experience

Find your group of friends but also talk to your other colleagues. The amount of work you’re going to have is really demanding and the more people you have to go for questions the better. Another advice: use professors office hours. Sometimes the lectures go too fast, but being able to bring your doubts to their offices after you have gone by the subject yourself is great.

I believe the biggest challenge for MSc Finance students is the amount of homework and assignments you will need to go through.

International Experience

To mention two memorable moments, I would say both the matriculation and the scholarship ceremonies were very special events. The first one gave me high hopes for the future and a lot of expectations for all the knowledge to come and the scholarship confirmation ceremony was a nice reminder of all my previous accomplishments and past hard work.

Moving away from home is a huge change, particularly when you have lived with your parents for the biggest part of. Everything about your routine will be new, but I would say that the greatest challenge is trying to conciliate this very fast paced routine with keeping in touch with your relationships back home.

After all, what must be said is: Norway is a very nice country to live in. Oslo itself has far more thing to discover than Google shows you and going around the city is always a nice surprise. That’s my piece of advice if you move here. Explore the city, the woods, islands, and the museums!

At the Viking Ship Museum


Being an MSc student has been my greatest challenge so far. To this point, I have learned that I can always push myself more to make my day more productive, but also from time to time a break outside the house or school does a lot for your mind and learning process.

Before coming to BI, I worked for almost 3 years with mergers and acquisitions. I am still very passionate about that and want to continue growing in the field, but with more academic knowledge.

At Songsvann Lake

Ana Beatriz started the MSc in Finance programme in August 2018. To find out more about the programme, go to or email

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