Creative Shock Case Competition

The post was written by Miloud El Idrissi, Christian Flasshoff and Kirsten Zantvoort, first year MSc students.

Creative Shock is a global business case competition for students that starting in 2011. Since then, every year participants are invited to sign up to solve real life challenges for social enterprises. There are in total two preliminary rounds in which participants can submit their solution to a given problem within a specific deadline. After the two preliminary rounds, the best 10 teams will be selected and invited to Vilnius, Lithuania. The top 10 teams will then enter two rounds in which they solve the final cases. This year over 1700 students from over 100 countries participated in the competition. Me and my team made it to the Top 10 of all teams.

Our journey began on November 29th when we took the flight from Oslo to Vilnius. When we arrived our mentor Arnas Zygmantas from International School of Management in Vilnius picked us up from the airport and helped us with the check-in at the hotel. When we arrived in Vilnius we were impressed by the baroque architecture and the giant churches in the city. After exploring the city we visited the Centre for Civil Education which gave us many insights about Lithuanian history. During the night we were welcomed by the all of the  organizers of Creative Shock and we also had the opportunity to network with the other 9 teams that were from the US, Canada, UK, Thailand and Georgia. On the next day we had to work already on the first case within a very limited time period of 3h including a 15 min presentation. After the presentation we had a cultural evening were the top 5 teams were announced. The cultural evening was filled with different dances, games and of course a huge variety of food from different countries. 

Luckily my team made it to the top 5 and we proceeded to the final round with only 5 teams left. Before the last round started, we attended the international social business conference at ISM. Many inspiring guest speakers of social enterprises were invited and shared their story about their experience about social enterprises.

In the evening we were given the final case that we had to work on. While we worked on all the case studies our mentor Arnas made always sure that we have everything that we need who was really forthcoming and friendly during our stay in Vilnius.

On the next day we had the final presentation of our case study and we were glad that we successfully went through all rounds of the Creative Shock case competition. In the afternoon, the ranking of the top 5 teams were announced. During the last round it was a tight race between our team and the Canadian team. In the end, it was announced that our team made it to the second place and the Canadian team won the case competition by making it to the first place.

In summary, participating in the global case competition of creative shock provided us with new networks of the different teams and an amazing experience in Vilnius. The challenging work on the case studies and the inspiring speakers during the international social business conference was a great experience filled with a steep learning curve.

Last but not least, a big thanks to all the organizers of creative shock and especially to our mentor Arnas Zygmantas.

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