BI among the Top European Business Schools

With such a large number of business school out there, how can students decide where to go? International accreditations are for sure a great tool to search for schools that meet certain quality criteria. However, from all these ranked schools, how can they choose the best ones according to their fields and goals? Rankings are one of the best tools to get a clearer view of the world of higher education in management and economics. The Financial Times Business School ranking is one of the most consistent and respected business school rankings.

The Financial Times ranks business schools in different categories, such as MBAs, Masters in Finance, Masters in Management, European Business Schools, among others. The FT ranking evaluates several aspects of schools, including change in salary,percentage of international faculty, percentage of female faculty, among other factors.

Personally, the FT ranking was the first and main screening tool in my process of choosing business schools to do my Master’s degree. The FT ranking allowed me to distinguish business schools that met my criteria and evaluate their performance. It also allowed me to compare schools on a standardized basis and do further research on my shortlisted schools.

In my search for business schools, BI came as a strong candidate within the top 40 European Business Schools. BI is now ranked #37 in the top European Business School and #1 in Norway according to the Financial Times. BI has proven to be an excellent choice for my academic and professional development.

Congratulations to BI, all its current students and alumni. Keep up the good work!

Francisco, MSc. Finance student (Class of 2019)

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