BI Team Competes in NHH International Case Competition 2018!

The post was written by Lars Meling, Tobias Helmersen, Ask Rask and Didrik Nygaard, 3rd year Bachelor students at BI. 

“Bergen was a lot of fun, filled with experiences and opportunities to learn. One of the things I liked the most was meeting people from all over the world. I made a lot of new friends and connections, as well as we got to compete with each other. Being in the case competition is a great opportunity to be your best. You have to cooperate with your team, in order to make the best presentation possible. You have to solve disagreements and present your solution in a professional fashion. You get to see new places, challenge yourself and learn. I highly recommend going on this adventure!”

– Ask Rask

We left from Oslo on Monday morning and arrived in Bergen in time for lunch after checking in at the Bergen Børs Hotel. After arrival we had a guest lecture from Finance Innovation and a crash course from KPMG on case solving and presentation tips. We also had some team building with the rest of the students. This was a good opportunity to interact with the other teams and get a better understanding of how the other teams worked and solved cases. This was followed up by a dinner at the Hotel Zander K with all the other teams and team counselors.

Tuesday was a day for social activities. We started off with a visit to the Bergen Aquarium, followed by a hike up to Fløien which had a great view of the city. Then we had some downtime before dinner at a hotel nearby.

Finally, Wednesday was here and we were eager to get started on the case. We gathered outside the hotel, not knowing which company we were going to visit, 20 minutes later we arrived at DNB office.There we had some breakfast and got some presentations of the company, as well as some clues to what the case would be about. Then we went to NHH and got settled into our work spaces before receiving the case. Then it was a 24-hour sprint filled with intense brainstorming, number crushing and heated discussions, but at 14:00 the next day we stood ready with our presentation.

After the presentation it was some free time before we had a joint dinner with the other teams were the finalist teams were announced. Unfortunately, CBS beat us to the final so for us the competition ended here.

The next day the finalists presented their solutions in front a panel of highly qualified judges from DNB, Finance Innovation, KPMG and NHH. It was very interesting to see how the other teams had used different perspectives to solve the case. Also, seeing their presentation techniques gave us a lot of inspiration. After the winner was announced there was a grand banquet at Grand Terminus followed by a night outwith all the other teams.

All in all, NHHICC was a great experience filled with steep learning curves, international networking, hard work and a lot of fun. It was great to meet students from so many different cultures and build some possibly lifelong connections.

“Participating in the international case competition in Bergen was very rewarding. We had a couple of days before the case was handed out to get to know each other. I got to know lots of other students from around the world, providing great opportunities gain new contacts.The cultural differences were very interesting to see. It’s not often you are in an environment with people with so different backgrounds, but with the same age. Particularly interesting to me was to see how the teams approached the case task differently. The casework was also a challenge in teamwork. Working with three others during a 24-hour period, and be ready to present your solution afterwards is intense and fun. The experience I have gained from the case competition is unique, and I would very much recommend participating.”

– Didrik Nygaard

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