Master Merit Society – the network that you want to have during your Master degree

Master Merit Society was designed as a platform for interaction between high performing MSc students, corporate partners, faculty, and the BI Alumni Advisory Board.

MSc students that have been named to the Dean’s List, BI Presidential Scholars, QTEM students and presidents of academic associations get the opportunity to join all activities of the Master Merit Society.

There have been several exciting events this autumn!

Joining the journey from Statoil to Equinor

All students were invited to join the rebranding journey with the project team behind it. The event provided valuable insights on project management, brand management and strategic implementations in large corporations.


(Credit to Henrik Norem, Strategic Marketing Association)

Case and problem solving – Skills Development 

Since problem solving and teamwork are among top skills that are ranked highly by graduate employers, there were two case solving sessions organized to develop those skills.

Students were given the opportunity to solve real cases from Equinor and Gjensidige, as well as to join Deloitte’s interactive and exciting session about how to get the best out of the different roles and skills when working in a team.

IMG_6920(Students with the company managers)

IMG_6921(Students solved real cases from the companies)

What students think about Master Merit Society

¨The benefits of being part of the master merit society for me, is both that I am recognized for my academic results and that I can network both with top companies and other top students.¨

(Lars Christian Grødem-Olsen, 2nd year, MSc in Business – Major in Strategy)

¨I really enjoyed the previous case-solving sessions hosted by Master Merit Society. As the 2nd year master student, my top concern now is to prepare the skillset not only for job interviews but also for real working environment. As a student strong in quantitative areas, I also want to improve my interpersonal skills and the previous events offer exactly what I need. I understand more about how to read people and adjust my approach based on the co-worker, and some dilemmas that we will inevitably face at work after. It has been very helpful and reflective.¨

(Tran Mai Anh, 2nd year, MSc in Business – Major in Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management)

From the students’ perspective, it is a previledge to be a part of Master Merit Society – the network that you absolutely want to have during your Master degree!

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