Norwegian way of doing business – Bergen Trip!

This is our third installment to our series in the “Doing Business in…”elective course offered in Autumn 2018.

Are you interested in finding more about Norwegian approach to business models? Have you ever considered working in Norway? What Bergen is famous for? If answer is YES,  you should definitely read what our guest have to say about her personal experience. Enjoy!

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Interview with Nargis Karim, 2nd year MSc in Business majoring in Leadership and Change

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nargis Karim and I am 27 years old. I am a 2nd year MSc student here at BI and I started my studies at BI by taking Siviløkonom Integrated programme. After I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I took a couple years off. So when I came back to study for my Master’s, it was quite a change. I think it is a lot of work on a Master’s level compared to Bachelor’s (smiles). However, it is going fine now, I feel like the first year was much harder.

I guess we all feel the same way (laughs). What was the main reason why you have decided to take this course?

I was interested in figuring out about big industries in Norway. Since Norway is very dependent on the oil industry and fish farming, I thought that learning more about these industries will help me in the future. So, I wanted to see how these industries operate in real life. In the course description it was written that we could visit big Norwegian companies, and I thought it would be cool to learn more about their daily operations. The trip to Bergen was very short but insightful. It took us only 4 days.

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. What was the programme of the trip? What did you guys do?

On the first day we had group lectures at BI Bergen. We also received information about the companies we were going to visit. On the second day we started our journey and company presentations.

We visited 4 companies in total, Equinor, Elkem, DOF and Lerøy. We also visited the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research. During our visit to the Institute of Marine Research, we saw the fish they had indoors. Our trip to Equinor was pretty cool, we saw oil refineries in Bergen. The area was huge but the security was very strict (smiles). Unfortunately, we could not take any pictures, but it was very interesting to see how the refineries are managed there. We also visited Elkem – a chemical industry company, where we saw a process of metal making.

Our term paper basically is based on our trip experience, we will write about local and national conditions, which might have effect on these industries in Norway.

That is very nice. Did you guys also have some social events?

Yes! Throughout the whole trip we also had little social gatherings every day at the hotels we were staying at, and it was nice to get to know each other.

What would you say about Bergen?

It is a pretty radiant city (laughs). An important thing to say is that all companies we have visited are pretty dependent on rain and water there. I guess, they have chosen to locate their operations in Bergen mainly due to the weather conditions. It was also my first time visiting Bergen, so it was very nice to see the city and explore the surroundings.

Cityscape of Trondheim, Norway - architecture background Do you have any plans to start working in one of these big industries?

To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it. However, since now I have gotten a good picture of industries in Norway, I might consider employment in one of these companies.

Sounds great! What do you have to say about your class?

The class was relatively small, about 25 people in total. There were many international students, I would say half of the class were Norwegian students and half – exchange students. Also we had students from many different majors.

Would you recommend to take this course in the future?

I would highly recommend this course to all students, not only international students but also Norwegian too. I believe this course helps to understand how big industries work in Norway. It is quite different to see everything with our own eyes, one thing is to read about them in newspapers and a completely different thing to go and see how they operate daily with your own eyes.

Thank you for your time, it’s been really nice meeting you today! BI_Miljo_web - Cecilie Bannow - all rights reserved--3 Interested in reading more about the other “Doing Business in…”? Check out our articles:
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