Congratulations class of 2018!

On the 18th of October, Campus Oslo welcomed more than 2000 guests attending the Bachelor’s Graduation Ceremony. Around 650 graduates from 13 different Bachelor’s programmes were awarded their Bachelor’s degree from BI Norwegian Business School.


The Graduation Ceremony was accompanied with beautiful music by Knut Ingolf Brenna on the guitar and Kim Rysstad and Solvei Grimen Fosse on the vocal. President Inge Jan Henjesand, Dean Bachelor Lars Erling Olsen and BI Alumni 2017 Andreas Storsveen Kustås gave speeches and congratulated the graduates on this special day.


Inge Jan Henjesand, President
This is a celebreation of your efforts and success. Each of you has succeeded in your most important investment – the investment in knowledge. We are immensely proud of you, because obtaining a Bachelor’s degree requires both willpower and ability. I would like to thank you for having been part of BI’s history over the last few years. Congratulations, and good luck with your studies and careers!


Lars Erling Olsen, Dean Bachelor
You have started a new phase in your life – you have made a shift. And you are going to advance in life based on your ability to learn after you leave BI. This is what we have tried to teach you at BI. So reach for your goals and work hard to achieve them.


Andreas Storsveen Kustås, BI Alumni 2017
Network is everything, and by network I mean those sitting next to you right now.  Whenever you have obstacles and challenges, you will call those that you have been fortunate to spend countless hours with throughout your Bachelor’s degree at BI. Good luck with your journey!

An inspiring student speech was given by Gita Khatiwada from Nepal, a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate. Gita noted that it feels like yesterday when she packed her bag and took the courage for a long journey to North. The reason why she chose to study at BI Norwegian Business School was that it is internationally renowned and diverse.


Gita Khatiwada, Graduate Bachelor of Business Administration
Congratulations to all of us, not just us students but also congratulations to our teachers, parents, friends, families and college administrators. Our success is not just our success but also the success of all of yours.

With a heavy heart I have to say goodbye to this school, where I had spent the most amazing 3 years of my life. But the friends I made here and the experiences I gained will remain with me forever.

After graduates shook hands with the president and received certificates, the Best Students in different Bachelor’s programmes were named. Meet the most hard-working and dedicated students of Class of 2018:

  • Bachelor i Økonomi og ledelse: Knut Mehl
  • Bachelor i Økonomi og administrasjon: Maria Anette Wittingsrud
  • Bachelor i Regnskap og revisjon: Kateryna Asdachkova
  • Bachelor i Entreprenørskap og økonomi: Ingrid Marie Vaag Endrerud
  • Bachelor i Økonomi og forretningsjus: Kristine Vågsæter
  • Bachelor i Finans: Ola Øvrebø
  • Bachelor i Eiendomsmegling: Aleksander Østrem
  • Bachelor i Eiendomsmegling: Emil Thompson
  • Bachelor i Internasjonal markedsføring: Mustafe Hussein Jama
  • Bachelor i Markedsføringsledelse: Ellinor Aarstad
  • Bachelor i Retail Management: Inger Nikoline Farestveit
  • Bachelor i Kommunikasjonsledelse: Sindre Selliseth Groven
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Gam Thi Hong Nguyen
  • Bachelor of Creative Industries Management: Lina Maria Henningsson


And Bachelor i Økonomi og ledelse graduate Knut Mehl has been named as the Best Overall Student of Class of 2018! Congratulations!

Once again, congratulations to all the 2018 graduates on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure! Whatever you do, never stop learning and exploring, stay in touch with your fellow students and always remember your alma mater 🙂

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