Guten Tag, digital and innovative Berlin!

This blog post was written by Artem Myreev, second-year MSc in Business student

Doing Digital Business is one of the international electives that MSc in Business students can choose in their third semester. What makes these international electives very special is that they include study trips abroad as part of the curricula: to Germany, Japan, China and even Tanzania!


The business world is vigorously going through a digital transformation: entrepreneurs all over the world create digital startups every day hoping to become next Ubers and AirBnbs, insights from social media are becoming an important factor in management decisions. That is why I took this elective in Doing Digital Business that included an intensive study trip to Berlin.

We were based at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society that facilitates research on the development of the internet from a societal perspective. Researchers at the institute gave us a mixture of lectures on digital methods and the Berlin startup scene.


The part of the course that the students liked most was visits to companies. Amongst many companies, we visited Jovoto, a young company that is very active in crowdsourcing and idea contests. We also had a tour at SAP AppHaus, a subdivsion of the international software company SAP that is one of the pioneers in design thinking. We were one of the first visitors of Futurium – a platform of and for the future, which is a new initiative by the German government to create dialogues between society, business and technology, and it will officially open in Spring 2019. We talked to representatives of Siemens and the Code University at Factory Berlin, a campus in Berlin that brings new startups together with mature high tech companies. And we had an interesting presentation from Microsoft about how artificial intelligence affect the business world and jobs.


Our professors also prepared some social program: we embarked on a city tour where  our tour guide showed us around Berlin’s creative scene. Berlin has been named as the best city in the world for millennials, and we could see why. The fashion startups we visited during the city tour noted that Berlin attracts artistic and entrepreneurial talents due to its openness and developed business ecosystem.

The study trip was a great experience, and I encourage you to choose one of the international electives. You will learn a lot and get a new perspective on things you thought you already knew. Danke schön, Berlin!


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