BI Athletics

This blog post is written by Alina Silitrari, Christoffer Rossel and Joachim Smaamo – second-year MSc students.

Participating in sports along your studies is a treasured opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, which will contribute to the development of good physical health, an agile mind and an enriching social circle.

At BI Norwegian Business School, you can enjoy developing all of the above through the student sports club, BI Athletics. The club represents 15 different sports and engages more than 700 active participants. It focuses on bringing students together within activities ranging from ball games and dancing to sailing and lacrosse. In addition, it facilitates and encourages students to introduce new sports. Given such a broad selection, there are definitely plenty of options to choose from.


Maybe you have a favorite sport that you would like to resume, or perhaps would like to try something entirely new? Through BI Athletics, you will have access to facilities, weekly training sessions and opportunities to participate in competitions locally, nationally and even internationally. For international students, this can be a very rewarding experience of getting to know both Norwegians and other international students, and truly experiencing the Norwegian culture. Another perk of being a member is attending social events, such as the traditional Christmas party, or Julebord. Typically, the different sporting clubs arrange this for all their members. Good traditional Norwegian food such as pinnekjøtt or ribbe is usually served.

All roads lead to BI Athletics

Here is an overview of the sports teams and activities you are welcomed to join. To join a specific sporting team, you can just follow through the process we outlined below. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. At the beginning of each semester, there will be a recruitment day (Rekrutteringsdagen) at BI, where representatives from each sport will have a stand. You are encouraged and welcomed to visit the sports team of your interest, which will be thrilled to answer all of your questions. You can easily follow up on Facebook for more details, as the day approaches.
  2. Find a sports team that you would like to be a part of and submit an application within the deadline. Note that some of the teams have tryouts.
  3. Letters of membership are sent out no later than Sunday the week after the recruitment day.
  4. Accept your membership by registering at “Min Idrett” within the following Wednesday at 23.59.
  5. Celebrate and meet your new pals on the following Thursday!

BI Athletics emphasizes the connection between fitness and networking, so by becoming a member, you can make personal connections across different fields of study and interests, develop networks and lasting relationships. We can promise that, as a student, you will have a more fulfilling time during your studies, and you will make unforgettable memories during your stay at BI!

You can also read more about BI Athletics on their web page Find what you like, make contact and join in! If you have any additional information, we recommend you to send an email to Johanne Foss, the Information Officer at BI Athletics. She can be reached at

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