Into the woods with BI – A Hike to Øyungen Lake

This post is written by Tzu Wei Yang -Third year BBA student.

Last Friday , 31st of August, BI Administration arranged a trip into the beautiful Norwegian forest for our new international students. It has become a tradition at BI to invite our new students to a hike in the nearby woods in the beginning of semester before everything gets busy. This year Øyungen lake has been chosen as the destination because of its beautiful view and accessbility.

The trip started with taking a local bus from BI to Maridalen and the starting point of the trail. After a relaxing 35 minutes walk in the forest we arrived at our destination – Øyungen Lake. Upon arrival, we grilled the “pølse” with open fire and branches picked up from the ground and had “Kvikk Lunsj” as snacks.

This trip gave our new students a chance to see the beautiful nature right outside of the city and experience some small norwegian traditions in the woods to kick start their new journey here in Norway!

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