BI team won 2nd prize at the Rotman European Trading Competition

We are happy to inform that last week BI Team of second year MSc Finance students participated and placed second in the Rotman European Trading Competition 2018 held in Rome, Italy.

These are some insights from team mentor and members:

“I would like you to know about the excellent performance of BI’s MSc Finance student team at the 3rd Rotman European Trading Competition (RETC) held at LUISS in Rome. BI’s team, Minja Rankov, Aiza Aidekova, Gaute Hellerslia and Marius Harsjøen, all students entering their 2nd year in the master program finished a  very close 2nd overall of the 39 teams representing 39 universities from 31 countries in Europe. The team won two of the 5 different simulation games and was a top performer on the other 3, and was the most consistent performer among five teams. I want to also emphasize the hard work and commitment to succeed the team members displayed in preparing for the competition.”

– Bruno Gerard, Professor, Department of Finance

“The competition provided a great platform for us to apply our finance and decision-making skills in a competitive environment. We managed to achieve the 2nd overall place primarily due to wise supervision from our Professor Bruno and excellent teamwork. Speaking of my team, I was truly delighted to work with such exceptionally talented, encouraging, and hard-working people.”

– Aiza Aidekova, 2nd year MSc Finance student

“The Rotman European Trading Competition was a unique experience in various ways. By implementing our financial knowledge developed through theory, we managed to consistently perform among the best teams. Furthermore, our group was working very efficiently as a team, which made us enjoy the collaboration that was required for the cases. Overall, we had a great time and connected with aspiring students from all over Europe.”

– Marius Harsjøen, 2nd year MSc Finance student

“I have really enjoyed participating in the Rotman European Trading Competition competition as we competed with very good European business school. It felt great to apply the theory we learned in class to the trading models and to see our hard work materialize in a second overall place. We hope that we will be given a chance to participate in the world competition in Canada and perform even better.”

– Minja Rankov, 2nd year MSc Finance student

“The Rotman European Trading Competition was an extraordinary experience. What I found most appealing was that you get to use your theoretical knowledge in practice. At the same time, you get to test your skills under pressure in a market with other real participants affecting the market. You have to keep a cool head and apply careful decision making in a loud and demanding environment. We also had the honor of having Bruno Gerard as our mentor, who provided us with great insight and counsel along the way. Furthermore, gaining 2nd place overall wouldn’t have been possible without my talented teammates and the exceptional teamwork we displayed throughout the competition. Besides our achievement in the competition, we connected with skillful and interesting students from all over Europe.”

 – Gaute Hellerslia, 2nd year MSc Finance student

The third Rotman European Trading Competition (RETC)  is a two and a half day invitational event that allows teams from schools across Europe to participate in a simulated market.
Its structure is similar to the very successful Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC) held annually in Toronto, where 50 schools from around the world meet and compete in simulated markets. The primary goal of the competition is to give students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to actual markets.

Impressed  by the BI team’s performance , the Toronto organizing team extended an invitation to the team to compete  in the coming Rotman International Competition in February 2019, Toronto, Canada.

We sincerely congratulate the team and wish more success in the future! Hope to see your great performance in the world competition next year!


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