Being a buddy: intercultural experience and a lot of fun!

This post is written by Artem Myreev  – Second year MSc. student.

Last year, I experienced the Buddy Week as a first-year MSc student. This year, I got to experience it as a master buddy.  I instantly knew that I wanted to sign up for being a buddy. Worst case scenario? Spending a few hours for a few days helping out new students. Best case scenario? Making new friends, enjoying the Buddy Week for the second time and having a lot of fun!

Luckily, this experience was great! My partners and I were assigned to a mixed group of MSc in Business, double degree and exchange students. Students from Norway, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, China – and it is only in our buddy group. There were students from 42 different countries this year!


Being a buddy was very fun and rewarding as we spent time talking and partying with new and highly motivated students who had lots of questions about the program. Sharing my experiences did thus not only guide the new students to get a glimpse what’s coming for them, but also made me reflect about my own journey of the past year once again.
— Matthias, second-year MSc student, master buddy 2018

It has been so much fun showing them around school and Oslo, barbequing and going out. I definitely recommend everyone to at least consider becoming a buddy. Why should you become a buddy?

  • Getting to know new cultures! In order to succeed in a global business world, you need to know and understand different cultures. How do Japanese businessmen negotiate? Is it necessary to drink vodka if you are working with a Russian company? Are all Germans really punctual? These are all questions that you will get answered by students in your buddy group.
  • Improving your language skills! BI is a very international business school, and you will have students from all over the world in your buddy group. Maybe you want to learn some romantic phrases in French, maybe you want to understand the Chinese characters you once saw in a Buddist temple, or maybe you simply want to improve your English — being a buddy can help you with that.
  • Shaping your CV! It is clear that you need to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. And one way of doing that is to be involved in the student life at school. Not everyone was a buddy for new students, so it will definitely be remembered by the HR specialist.
  • Making the world a better place! It is such a nice feeling to know that you helped someone who experienced the same struggles as you at the beginning of your studies. You can help others to have a great time just like you!
  • Meeting new people and networking! But probably the most important reason the become a buddy is meeting new people and befriending them. Who knows, maybe you will be colleagues one day or start your own company!


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