Welcome to BI – Master Matriculation!

This post is contributed by Pham Thu Ha – second year student from Leadership and Change major

“I am not going to freak out!”

For all students starting your MSc programmes this year, you must have been laughing and wondering why such a funny song was chosen for our Matriculation ceremony. However, it probably expressed exactly what you have been feeling during the orientation week – or will feel even in the first semester.

What do you remember the most from all the speeches?

After 1 year studying at BI, I couldn’t agree more with all important things shared by BI’s President and Dr. Gillian Warner-Søderholm.

Message from Inge Jan Henjesand, the President of BI: ¨We are happy that you have chosen to be here with us, to go North. And it is not for everyone. BI is a school with very high ambition…The work never stops turning, and neither as BI… International – Digital – Sustainable will be the key topics through your studying at BI and that is what you must prepare for… People usually regret the things they did not do or the chances they never took. So I hope you are among those who take education because you want to achieve something. And if you are really ambitious, you have made the right choice to come to BI. Welcome to our school! ¨

Dr. Gillian Warner-Søderholm also gave new MSc students some advice about Norwegian culture and time management. However, her most important and probably funniest lesson is when she blew a whistle and warned us: ¨This 2 year is crucial for your life. So DON’T blow it¨


After the ceremony, the Mastermind Games also provided a great opportunity for greeting classmates and learning how to work together. For the record, the highest tower built from Spaghetti and Marshmallow this year is 76 cm.


As a second year student, this year’s Matriculation reminded me why I came to Norway and how much harder I should try, so I can be proud of what I experience and achieve here.

Best of luck to all of new MSc students!

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