Welcome to BI – BBA Matriculation

This post is written by Tzu-Wei Yang – Third year BBA student.

Message from Inge Jan Henjesand, the President of BI Handelshøyskolen:

On Monday at BI we welcome all the new BBA students from around the world. Life is full of choices, this year around 160 new students from more than 55 nationalities made their choice to leave home and come to Norway. Coming to Norway is a step outside of your comfort zone, we recommend you continue doing that during your study at BI to benefit as much as possible from your choices.

With this matriculation ceremony, we create a bond, a partnership between BI and our students. From now on, we are responsible for each other. We hope to see all of you contribute to change and take responsibility to yourself and the world. Enjoy your time here at BI and welcome!

Message from Elizabeth Bergstrom, BBA Alumni Class of 2017:

Challenges are opportunities. When you face challenges in your life, take a deep breath and take it as another opportunity. You have already stepped out and taken one different choice to come to BI when you could stay home, study in your own language and be with people who you are familiar with.

I will recommend all of you to step out of your comfort zone, seek opportunities to grow and expand your connections during your time at BI. It may be joining a club, doing an internship or taking a position in the society.

I have been told that it is hard for an international student to find an internship here in Norway without speaking Norwegian. I tried and got an internship even when I did not meet the requirements of having a master’s degree, work experience and ability to speak Norwegian. Do not let anybody to tell you “You can’t”, instead, believe in yourself that “You can.” Do not afraid to grab aby opportunity and chase for your dream job!

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