Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress Management is a very helpful tool to learn for a student. Although, we are not able to control the circumstances we can relieve stress and help ourselves to relax. In order to manage studies well, live a healthy life, and stay tuned, we should learn how to take care of ourselves.  Remember that you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others:)

We took a quick survey of some of our current students to find out what works for them the best:



“For me, the best stress reduction technique is running. When everything becomes overwhelming, the best way for me to cope with this is going for a run in the woods. Afterwards, my thoughts are more organized and the problems and stress that felt unbearable before, suddenly aren’t that bad afterwards. Running is a pure therapy in so many ways, and I highly recommend trying it when the everyday life gets too hectic.”

Ida, MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, Norway


“Working out is my way of relieving stress. I enjoy cycling during summer and skiing in winter. You get to work out, enjoy amazing Norwegian nature and get fresh air to clear your mind all at once.  The feeling of being surrounded by nature and the peacefulness in the forest help me relax and refresh.”

Tzu Wei, Bachelor of Business Administration, Taiwan


“When I face a stressful situation, I usually try distract from it for a bit by doing something I really like. Watching your favourite TV shows or some funny videos on YouTube usually helps you relieve stress. And you will be ready to tackle the problems with renewed vigour.”

Artem, MSc in Business, Russia


“For me, yoga is the perfect way to reduce stress and release tension that tends to build up. In addition to being good for my body, yoga also strengthens my mind, leave me feeling more relaxed and focused. So, whenever I feel like I need a break from the stressful everyday life, I go to yoga in order to recharge and get ready for new challenges.”

Camilla, MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology, Norway


“One way of dealing with stress is getting social support. This may be a friend, a family member or the student counselors at BI. If you share your feelings with another person, it helps to relieve the stress – talking is a powerful tool. Find someone, whom you can trust, understand and validate you.”

Theresa, MSc in Business, Austria


“To reduce stress, I try to avoid procrastination and do everything that is in my control in time. That way, if something extraordinary comes up, it does not affect my plans too much. I also try to get enough sleep every day by taking a short afternoon nap (if possible), and going to bed by midnight.”

Minja, MSc in Finance, Serbia


“Whenever I feel stressed I prefer taking a walk outdoors, luckily we have a variety of green parks in Oslo. I really enjoy sun and fresh air, so having a walk in a park or a ride around Oslofjord helps me to get rid of negative thoughts and relax. Nice music and a good walk can really cheer you up, so once you feel a little bid down look around and go for a little walk!”

Nataliia, MSc in Finance, Russia


“My recommendation is to cry and take a long sleep. Don’t try to be strong all the time. Being honest to your feeling and comfort yourself (sometimes) can be really helpful!”

Ha, MSc in Business, Vietnam


“For a quick and somehow hedonistic way of relieving stress, just stop what you’re doing, grab a small sweet treat, and stare out the window for five to ten minutes while you slowly eat the treat and pay careful attention to its flavor and texture. The key is to take your mind away from everything and focus on something completely unrelated that you also enjoy (and sugar helps too). Also, changing the treat every time makes it more fun.”

Francisco, MSc in Finance, Nicaragua



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