Here is how you will succeed in your Masters

This post is written by Filip Kronqvist, Remko den Dulk  and Henrik Trolin Haugland – First year MSc. students

The differences in workload from a masters program to a bachelors program can be a shock to some students. In this post we share some of our best advice that may help you succeed in your masters program, which will hopefully help keep your sanity in check during your studies.

Many students are used to doing assignments the last minute, however, this is not recommended if you want to be successful in your Masters. You will have a lot of assignments and term papers and the best way to succeed in these is to make a personal schedule in which you have personal deadlines depending on when each assignment should be finished. By doing this you avoid the extra stress close to the exams where you will have enough to do, we promise.

Be socially active in the Buddy week/first weeks in school. This is a great opportunity to get to know the class. It is not that often you meet the whole class in those kinds of social events so make the most out of them. Talk to a lot of people because here you can find friends to do group work with. This will save you a lot of time and reduce the stress of having to find group partners during the semesters.

Don’t read too much. Even though we recommend everyone to do their readings, and there will be a lot of readings, it comes to a point where all the reading doesn’t teach you anything and it could be better to go for a walk to get a fresh and clear mind. Find the balance between studying and leisure time. This also relates to the fact that you can’t learn everything. Try to figure out what the key takeaways are and learn those – that is how you succeed in your masters exams. Furthermore, it is advisable that you make groups who split up the readings and create summaries of articles. It’s an easy way to get a lot of information with less effort and still be perfectly prepared for the exam period. Just to avoid any issues, it may be helpful to establish a template summary that everyone should follow to make sure quality between them stays the same.

BI has great facilities for all students, but don’t take this for granted. Group rooms are booked quickly, hence plan ahead with your group to ensure that you have that quiet place to work and finish the assignments you will have. There are several group rooms spread throughout the entire building, so you will not be limited to the few rooms in the master area.

If you do get stuck with your assignments, you should not hesitate with approaching your professor or sending an email. They are helpful and do give the time needed for guidance.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun throughout the semester. A master program can be stressful, but it should also be a memorable period in your life. If you keep some of these tips in mind from the start, you should be set for having a great and productive time at BI.

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