Build your degree at BI: Options for the third semester!

This post is written by Valeriia Yanchuk, Anastasiia Khromets  and Anastasiia Prytulenko – First year MSc. students

Have you known that the third semester at BI is the only one when you make decisions by yourself? It is your chance to realize your career and study ambitions, get professional and international experience. Sounds great, right? However, keep in mind that this choice might affect your whole life, so take it seriously and here is the guide for you that will help to find out about all the options.

First thing you should know is that among credits for the semester, 6 ECTS go for the master thesis (don’t forget to start working on it already). However, the remaining 24 ECTS are all up to you, and here are the options:


One option would be to go on exchange, and the best part about it is that you can choose literally any country in the world as BI has more than 200 exchange agreements with academic institutions worldwide: from New York to Moscow, from Singapore to Paris, from Auckland to Cape Town. For some study programs, you can even go on the double degree program and get two master’s degrees in two years in Canada, France, Portugal, Netherlands or Slovenia. If you want to go on exchange and also get some work experience, you can choose internship with exchange, which will let you get both personal and professional growth.


The semester is split into two parts and you can combine internship, elective courses, summer school, and mini electives. Moreover, you can go on short exchange for half of your semester to Spain, Germany or the Netherlands and even take international elective courses when you go abroad to work on some country-specific project. Just as always, keep in mind, that you only have 24 ECTS, which you can manipulate with. For instance, internship takes half of your semester, so you can add there two electives, or four mini electives, or summer school combined with some of the courses. And this is just some of the ideas of how you can manage your semester, while actually you will have a bunch of options of how to mix and match studies and work, in order to get the most and the best out of it.


This opportunity might seem as the simplest one from the point of view of the choice you have to make. On the other hand, BI offers a wide range of courses you can take. It might be a course corresponding to your major or elective from other MSC majors or a course, which is related to your major. If you want to take more courses, you can also decide to take mini-electives. Here you can satisfy your study interest in other business areas.

Remember, this is one of the most important choices you have to make during your studies, so thoroughly analyze all possibilities, and good luck!


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