Summer internship – ticket to the future

This blogpost was written by Liubomyr Romaniv, first- year MSc in Finance student at BI

Summer is the time for vacations, trips and enjoyment with nature (especially in Norway) but it is not the typical case for business school students. In the competitive market, students strive to find interesting internships to increase their chances for landing a passionate job after graduation, and summertime seems to be the most commonplace time to gain practical experience.

Norway with its 5.3 million population may seems to be a rather small country, but given its economic prosperity and wise past investments, business sector is booming. Oslo center is filled with numerous consultancy companies, investment banks and private equity boutiques. However, high supply of internships may be the look at the first sight, employers are honestly quite demanding and fluency in Norwegian is a typical barrier between companies and most international students. Still, even being beginner in Norwegian you have high chances to succeed in finding a summer internship. What you should do is to pay attention to the following pieces of advice:

(1) Get concentrated on studying in the autumn/winter term. Afterall, grades are important for employers, which show both your subject knowledge and an ability to accommodate to new learning environment. Getting a high grade at BI is not a hard deal if you studied during the term and was attentive enough in lectures, still it requires diligence and self-discipline, which are highly valuable in the corporate world.

(2) Start preparing your documents beforehand. Typical job application consists of Curriculum Vitae, job motivation and several supporting materials (transcripts, test results, etc.), and at least part of these documents you should prepare in advance. BI holds numerous events where you can are taught how to write an effective position cover letter and how to enhance your strengths in the CV – your duty is not to treat such events carelessly.

(3) Attend company presentations. Indeed, it fascinates how BI Norwegian Business School is tightly connected with corporate sector: almost every single studying day you will see company stands in the open area and companies’ internship presentations. Moreover, every term BI holds
companies presentation day where the whole first floor is covered with companies’ representatives, and where, besides getting some
fruits and pens, you can discover available programs and specific requirements. During this event, if your CV is solid enough, there
is even an opportunity to present yourself in front of human resource managers. Given such variety of information, you may be certain not to miss important for you career opportunities.

(4) BI helps finding an internship! Career portal is where you can find around hundred junior positions, in many programs internship accounts for studying credits. To explain, you may apply for an internship through BI Careers service (usually process ends in February) and after reviewing, BI will direct chosen candidates applications to hiring partner programs that will set an interview. Such collaboration significantly increases chances to find an internship and, in addition, substitutes subject credits. Finally, the major advice is just to stay motivated engaged student, familiarize yourself with Norwegian culture and language, and enjoy your living in such a prosperous country. BI Norwegian Business School offers plenty of employment opportunities but it is your responsibility to make good use them.

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