May 17th – Norway’s National Day

Tomorrow Norway will celebrate its National Day – the best day of the year for most Norwegians. Norway’s Consitution was signed on May 17th, 1814 and marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Norway and brought its independence closer.

Oslo will be full of festivities to celebrate this special day, and the highlight of the day is the Children’s Parade which is greeted by the royal family from the balcony of the Royal Palace. 60,000 children from around 100 schools will be marching on the main streets of Oslo.


Most Norwegians wear their bunads, traditional national costumes, on May 17th. There is an unspoken rule that you wear a bunad of the region where your ancestors come from. Considering that there are more than 400 variations of bunad, you can imagine how bright and festive this day looks like. You can have a look at this guide to learn more about each type of bunad and its regional heritage:

Here’s how to choose the right bunad for Norway’s national day

People in traditional dresses performing in Bergen, Norway

Celebrating Norway’s national day in Norway is a truly unique experience. Read this article to understand all that is going on in Norway during this special day:

More than a National Day: Understanding May 17th of Norway

Last year, this day turned to be one of the most exciting and lovely experiences for Emma Rebeca Pinto Guzman, an MSc in Business student from Mexico. We are sure that you will enjoy the National Day as well!

Gratulerer med dagen, Norge!


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