Housing options in Oslo

This blogpost was written by Vilde Lovise Wittingsrud-Johansen from Norway, Rolands Englands from Latvia and Silvia Hyunh from Italy, first-year MSc in Business students at BI


One thing you have to find out when going abroad, is where you are going to live. When coming to Oslo, you have two different ways of getting housing. You can find something on your own, on the private market – or you can apply for student housing through the BI housing office.

BI student housing

BI offers different options for student housing from three different external housing providers; SiO, Diakonhjemmet and BSN. BI has something called the “BI housing guarantee”, meaning that when you come to Norway for the first time and apply for student housing through the housing office before a certain deadline, you are guaranteed a place to live. To be covered by this guarantee, you have to apply through the BI housing office.

The process to apply for housing is as following:

  • Fill out the housing form for BI and pay a 1000 NOK fee for reserving a room
  • Wait for the BI housing office to delegate housing
  • When given a housing option (you are not guaranteed your preference), you need to apply directly to the housing provider.
  • You will then receive a contact from SiO, Diakonhjemmet or BSN.
  • Sign it and pay the deposit – then your set for student housing at BI!

The different options for student housing

  • BSN has all their rooms located in Nydalen. Here you live in doublets, and share bathroom and kitchen with one other student. Price: ca. 4850-5100 NOK per month.
  • Diakonhjemmet is located a few minutes north of Majorstuen. Here, you get your own bedroom, but share bathroom and kitchen with several others. Price: ca. 4500 NOK per month.
  • SiO offer student housing in many different student villages across Oslo. When you are applying directly to SiO, make sure to check out the difference in location, price and facilities. Price: ca. 3000 – 5000 NOK per month.

You can read more about the different housing providers and their facilities at the bottom of this page.

Rolands, lived in SiO Bjølsen Student Village Aug 2016 – Dec 2017

“After having enrolled at BI, I had no idea how and where to look for housing and I was very busy at the time. The “BI Housing Guarantee” was a very convenient solution for this – several months before moving to Oslo I knew that I have secured a place to live. In terms of location, Bjølsen proved to be very practical – within a 1-3 minute walk there are 3 supermarkets, a hairdresser, pharmacy and a restaurant. BI can be reached in 10 minutes of walking or using a bus which has a stop right beside the student village, and which also runs 24/7. The quality of the housing itself was also up to its standards – everything fit the description and SiO always took care of everyday problems, when they occurred.”

Private housing

You can also try to find housing in Oslo on your own. The BI Housing Office have some recommendations for webpages to check out, in their FAQ

“I decided to give a look at private housing because I wanted to deep-dive in the Norwegian culture! I mostly used finn.no and facebook groups, two platforms where it is possible to find diverse housing opportunities in terms of features, locations and prices. Mind that the housing market in Oslo is very busy, and most of the tenants organize “visiting days”. Starting your research in advance may be advantageous for increasing your chances in getting a room!”

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