Living on a budget in Norway

Life is expensive in Norway. It is inevitable to think about your spendings all the time when you have a small Budget. This article will give you some tips about how to live on a budget. Our motto will be “TILBUD”!


Where should we go?

Grönland is a very popular neighborhood downtown near Oslo center, where you can find many good deals of food and groceries. This is the place different international products will be found, specifically a range of multiple cuisines’ ingridients which are mostly Asian, Indian, Turkish, etc. Numerous people claimed that price of goods sold in Grönland may be 3 times cheaper than those in some supermarkets. However, keep in mind that fruits and vegetables from international markets get rotten in a shorter time.

How should we buy?

Cheapest way to shop in Norway is to prefer supermarkets’ own brands. They do not invest in commercials so they sell their brand for cheaper. When it comes to shopping, those brands are students’ closest friend! Here are some cheapest prices

12 Eggs: 20 NOK

1 Kilo Yellow Cheese: 60 NOK

1 Litre Whole Milk: 20 NOK

1 Loaf Bread: 7 NOK (30 NOK in average)

1/2 Kilo Pasta: 12 NOK

1 Kilo Beef: 185 NOK

1 Kilo Salmon: 150 NOK

1 Kilo Chicken Breast: 90 NOK

Supermarket chains have weekly discounts on different products. Following these discounts can be hard but budget saver. There are applications for smart phones that easens your low price hunt. For example: Mattilbud or Tiendeo. It is important to know that discount is limited with 5 product per customer.

Moreover, markets make up to 50 percent discount on products that are about to expire. If you are lucky enough, you can come across with very nice deals on the shelves.Speaking of expiring products and discount, smart phone application called “Too Good To Go” is a nice way to spoil yourself without spending so much money. Some restaurants, cafes and bakeries have agreement with this app and they sell their expiring products for almost nothing!

Always save plastic and tin bottles. You are charged for bottles when you buy a drink and when you turn bottles back to supermarkets, you will find big red machines that accept them and pay for your Return.


SECOND-HAND STUFFS, one of the best choices for student

Buying second-hand stuffs, such as textbooks, furnitures, cloths and so on is one of the choices that you can take into your account. In Norway, buying and selling used stuffs are normal and acceptable. There are many channels in which you can find the second-hand goods, popular trading platforms include: Facebook pages as Oslo – student cheap market, Oslo classified- sell & trade, BI bookmarket; Websites as; Apps as letgo. Their prices are half as expensive as price of first-hand goods. Since here is Norway in which people based on trust and are reliable, you do not need to be concerned about the quality. Believe me …. you can get good quality stuffs in affordable price from these channels.


Within Oslo

For transportation in zone 1 of Oslo where you usually are, I suggest you to buy 30-day ticket for student. The student price of this ticket is 40% cheaper than adult price. It costs you 442 kr per month. Buying this ticket, you can use every kind of public transportations, for example bus, train, metro and boat. However, please keep mind that this price is valid only for zone1. If you want to go out of zone1, you have to buy additional ticket.

Outside Oslo

There are two most well-known airlines in Norway: SAS and Norwegian Air. Both of them usually offer favourable discounts for young customers who are majorly students. To obtain this advantage, you just simply apply the promotion code: UNDER26 when searching for a certain flight. If you are lucky enough, the discount may be up to 70%. Then do not shock at the moment you see the price table, keep calm and apply UNDER26.

One quicker way to have an overview of attractive prices is going to google bar and search: Ungdomsbillett – for deg under 26 år. Here you may find a list of appealing destinations and flight cost to go there. Unsurprisingly, all prices listed are cheapest and we bet you cannot resist the temptation to pick all dream cities in one click with those deals. is a website we strongly recommend you should pay a visit. Studentuniverse has a prevalent network with many airlines, hotel system and tour agencies. At first, you have to upload some requested documents to verify your student profile then you can enjoy many favors from this website, e.g. much more affordable flight tickets even during hot season of travelling.


BLACK FRIDAY is the biggest sale occasion in Norway. Of course many brands will offer numerous discounts at this time which varies from 20-70%, but it is not crazy as what you expect or learn from TV in other countries. The real Black Friday actually happens in Norwegian Outlet in Vestby, where is recorded with long lines of queueing for shock sales on that day. Therefore, by knowing this piece of information, we hope you will be well-prepared for your next Black Friday in Norway.

End of January and early August are occasions many fashion brands promote their biggest sale of season. For any shopaholic, it would be a guilt if you forget to drop by some stores and enjoy the satisfaction of walking down the street with lots of shopping bags in hands.

In September, there is a second-hand market fair held in Tåsen, where you can find many good deals of different stuffs. For example, a very good book can be sold at 10 kr or a fine cutlery just costs you 30 kr. At the end of the market fair, many sellers decide to give away their commodities, so you may get some interesting stuffs for free. If you are vintage-styled, there will be no reason for you to not attend this.


From Tran Thu Ha, Chanunya Chainarongsophon, and Damla ÇETİN

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