Our Buddy Week Experience

Before the hard master-life with its deadlines and presentations kicks in, incoming master students enjoy an introduction week full of joy and amusement. Read about the experiences of Anders, Artem and Max from 2017 and look forward to your buddy week this summer!

Our Master Buddy Week started on a Sunday. We met the fellow students of our programs and got introduced to the school building by our buddies from the second year. Afterwards we had a nice evening full of new acquaintances over some good food and drinks.

The next day started with the official matriculation ceremony. After some inspiring and motivational speeches, we were honored to shake hands with the school’s president Inge Jan Henjesand who welcomed us at BI.

“Attending the events during the master buddy week was a nice way for me as a non-Norwegian to get a social network and to learn about the Norwegian culture.”

  • Max, 24

During the next days we had many different activities which helped us getting to know the school, the beautiful city of Oslo and the Norwegian culture. In the evenings the Graduate Students’ Society (GSS) as well as the Master buddies organised fun gatherings and parties during which we got to know our fellow students.

As one of many highlights one could mention the Boat Party on Wednesday. On a sunny afternoon we entered a big sailing boat and cruised around the small islands in Oslo’s fjord. A really nice setting to get to know your future classmates and other master students from different programs.

“The boat party was a perfect ending of the master buddy week! Great atmosphere, a spectacular view of Oslofjorden and a fun time with the other master students.”

  • Anders, 24

And that was not it! Master students also had the opportunity to join the Fadderullan events. Faderullan is one the biggest student-welcoming projects in Norway. They had organized many concerts with popular artists, for example Galantis as the headliner.

The planning for the buddy week 2018 is already in full swing. “We are in contact with promising partners and will set up a buddy week even greater than last year” says Joakim, Head of Events at GSS.

Current master students can re-experience the Buddy Week by joining it as a master buddy this August! Buddies will meet new students from different countries, engage them into life at BI and have a lot of fun with them. You can apply for being a buddy until April 17 here.

Anders, Artem and Max




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