Celebrating Student Success: Dean’s List Launched at BI

On Wednesday, March 7, faculty and staff gathered to celebrate student success with the launch of the Dean’s List for MSc students. Proud students received recognition for exceptional academic performance.

jacnicke at podium

“Celebrating student success is important, especially this year, ” stated Inge Jan Henjesand, “the Dean’s List is launched at a time when we are celebrating BI’s 75th anniversary.’ Turning to the students, he told them, ‘you are here writing a new chapter in our history as the first MSc students to receive the honour of being placed on the Dean’s List. ”

What is the Dean’s List? Janicke Rasmussen, Dean MSc, explains, “it is a way for us to recognize top academic achievement, to single out our top academic performers, and to applaud them for the dedication to their studies, their ability to set and achieve goals, and, quite frankly, their smarts. ”


In order to be eligible for the Dean’s List students must have achieved a semester GPA of A while maintaining a full course load. Starting with the Autumn 2017 semester, a Dean’s List for the MSc programme will be published each semester. So, in the course of a two-year programme, our students will have the opportunity to be on the Dean’s List four times.

55 students were placed on the Dean’s List for Autumn 2017 semester. That represents circa 9,8% of the students admitted to the first year MSc studies in 2017. Half of the Dean’s List students are international students who chose BI over top schools in their home country.

Deans list 2018

Dean’s List students can tell employers or potential PhD programmes like our own at BI, they were in the top 10% of the class. And, they have the evidence to prove it: a letter from the Dean, a certificate of achievement, and for those students who were at the celebration, they even have a picture.

‘’I am very happy and proud of myself that I made the Dean’s List this semester,” says Minja Rankov, first year MSc in Finance student,” It feels great that all our hard work is recognized in this way and I am really looking forward to see what opportunities this honour brings in the future.‘’

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