Studying Finance at BI

Did you know BI Norwegian Business School offers three different Finance-related Master’s degree?

  1. MSc. in Business with a major in Finance
  2. Msc. in Finance
  3. MSc in Quantitative Finance

The MSc. in Quantitative Finance is our newest program and starts this year. It aims at developing the quantitative and programming skills, as well as the knowledge of finance necessary to analyze complex financial instruments and data and manage risks.

If you are interested in a career in finance, we invite you to join our next webinar, “Finance in the Fast Lane” on February 26 at 15:00 CET.  Our host, Associate Dean for the Master of Science in Finance programme, Costas Xiouros, will introduce the latest research the Finance Department has accomplished. He will provide insight into the academic opportunities studying at BI will give you and will go through our full-time Master’s programmes in Finance. Towards the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, whether they are about academics, career services, student life, or the application process.

Register here

A little more about the Finance Department

BI Norwegian Business School has a strong focus and commitment to research, and its Finance Department is proof of its achievements. The department has a strong international orientation and brings faculty from leading schools in Finance and Economics. The Finance Department at BI is ranked 10th in Europe and 2nd in the Nordic Countries, based on the UT Dallas ranking (2013-2017). The ranking tracks publications in the leading business journals across the major disciplines in business schools.

The Finance department actively brings academics from leading schools to present their latest research in the department’s Research Seminars. Moreover, the department has hosted prominent academic events, among them the 43rd European Finance Association Annual Meeting, where we had the honor to have Prof. John Cochrane as a keynote speaker.

Some of the most recent academic publications by the Finance faculty is the article titled Safe-Haven CDS Premiums by Sven Klingler from BI and David Lando from Copenhagen Business School. The article is forthcoming in the Review of Financial Studies. Sven is one of the newest faculty members of the Finance Department. He obtained his PhD. From Copenhagen Business School in 2017 and joined BI the same year. Other recent articles include the Demographic Deficit (forthcoming in Journal of Monetary Economics) by Espen Henriksen and Thomas Cooley; Asset Growth, Profitability, and Investment Opportunities (forthcoming in Management Science) by Ilan Cooper and Paulo Maio.

Some of the other newest members at the department are Ivan Alfaro, Tatyana Marchuk, and Adam Winegar. The new members are not only great researchers but also outstanding lecturers. Attending their lectures is a rewarding and refreshing experience. They are enthusiastic and share their great passion for what they do. They make sure students acquire the mathematical skills but also the economic intuition behind each topic.


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