Congratulations class of 2017!

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the graduation ceremony for this year’s Master of Science class in Finance, Leadership and Organizational Psychology, Strategic Marketing Management and Professional Accountancy (2017’s Master of Science in Business Graduates had their ceremony earlier that day). In total, more than 500 graduates from 41 nations crossed the stage in Finn Øien Auditorium and were awarded their Master of Science degree on November 30th, 2017. Congratulations to all the graduates!

Personally, I am in the midst of my first exam period at BI, so during the ceremony I felt acutely aware of just how much work goes into being a successful master’s student here. Accordingly, the most inspiring moment of all, was the presentation of 2017’s awards for Best Student. I am in awe of the dedication these students must have displayed to have become the Best Students in their programs. Well done!

  • MSc in Business: Jan Christopher Mo Dege (Norway)
  • MSc in Finance: Geng Rong (China)
  • MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology: Caroline Rabe (Germany)
  • MSc in Professional Accounting: Stian Lysaker (Norway)
  • MSc in Strategic Marketing Management: Gregor Falkner (Germany)

And a HUGE congratulations to Caroline Rabe for being awarded Best Overall Student! Hear her thoughts on the accomplish first hand in this video taken just after the ceremony:

Speaking of motivation, listening to the speakers during the ceremony, I was struck by how much their words of motivation and encouragement felt relevant to not just the graduates but also to current students such as myself. So, whether you are a recent grad wanting to relive the ceremony or in the midst your exams like me, I hope these thoughts (paraphrased from the ceremony) will provide some welcome inspiration:


Inge_Jan_HenjesandFrom Inge Jan Henjesand, BI President:

Attaining a MSc degree demands skills and determination. To be a great school, BI needs great students. Your success is our success!


peter_jarnebrantFrom Peter Jarnebrant, Associate Dean MSc Strategic Marketing Management:

Build your life as a brand is built—develop your personal equity. Create awareness by being open with others. Be aware of your skills and how you present them. Think about how you affect others around you. And, most importantly, remember that life is all about building relationships—professional and personal. In everything you do, be you: strong, positive and unique.


ivar_kroghrudFrom Ivar Kroghrud, BI Alumnus, Entrepreneur & Investor:

As you progress in your careers, don’t forget to always stay curious. As new graduates, your ability to learn in well-honed. Try to keep it that way, as the swift pace of innovation ensures there will always be more to learn out there.

And don’t measure your success by the number of people working under you. Measure it by your ability to support those people, by the sense of shared purpose you can inspire and by the genuine love you have for your friends and colleagues.


Once again, congratulations to all the 2017 graduates on your incredible accomplishment!

– Jennifer

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