Iconic Norway.


One of the things I have liked the most about Norway is its landscapes and nature. I find them breathtaking and inspiring.

Just look at this:


I found «Iconic Norway» when I was looking for a way to explain my mother how fascinating this country can be.

The Norwegian short film was directed by film maker Grim Berge in Natural Light AS ran to win the Corporate Media & TV Award for Best Photo for Tourism Films in Cannes this last September.

The Cannes jury reviewed more than 1000 candidates in the competition, and selected three finalists in the Best Photo for Tourism Films and among them was «Iconic Norway». The film was awarded silver!

Watch it here:



– We are very happy and it’s a big honor. I believe we’ve made a groundbreaking film within its genre and we have spent considerable resources filming it and in post-production, said photographer Sven-Erik Knoff to Visit Norway.


Knoff speaks proudly of the response it has received thus far.

– Several people have told us that the film is so moving that it brings them to tears. During one screening we someone remove their glasses in order to wipe the tears away.

It is really an incredible journey.

And guess what? A sequel is in the making!

Source: Visit Norway – «Iconic Norway» is among the three finalists. Watch the film here.

Pictures: Visit Norway



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