Next Stop: New Zealand.

Hello everyone!

Today Nat, a second year Master of Science in Business – Strategy major student , is telling us about his experience during the exchange he did in Auckland University of Technology.


As a BI student, you get the opportunity to study a semester abroad in any of our more than 200 partner Universities, click here to know more about the Exchange Programs we offer.

Why to go on an exchange?

  • Get a new international perspective and experience other cultures.
  • Gain an international network.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Study in a different academic environment and acquire new learning methods
  • Take courses not offered at BI
  • Learn how business works in different countries


Nat is originally from Thailand, and he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship at BI Norwegian Business School two years ago. Check out his semester in New Zealand!

“Expanding your international network and embracing the stunning natural adventures in New Zealand are the most valuable experiences from an International Exchange Program between BI and AUT.

It is time to face your fears, because challenge is necessary for growth.”

Nuttakit, October 2017

Auckland, NZ.


Going on an exchange is a great start to your career in an increasingly globalised world!

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