Joy, BInner and BIrthdays.

Hola hola!

Midterms arrived and we are already half way through the semester! However, we should always find some time to relax and enjoy.

Last Tuesday, on the 10th of October, we celebrated at BI the World Mental Health day with a Joy Festival!


Many fun and caring activities were organised by Studentpartner, an office at BI dedicated to take care of the student community. SBIO, the student union, was there too!


At Campus Oslo, you can stop by the Studentpartner office if you need someone to talk to about anything! Studentpartner has an open door for you in C3. Feel free to stop by the third floor, or send them an email:


The last activity of the Joy Festival was the BInner: Mexican Fiesta! 200 students from 18 different nationalities gathered to keep up with a fantastic tradition at BI and a wonderful way to get to know each other leaving behind cultural and language borders. Some good Mexican stew was served, together with fresh lemonade and brownies for dessert. We even had a piñata!

This time we celebrated everyone’s birthday, blowing candles and singing Hurra for deg! The Norwegian birthday song.

BInner is open for all students, and each month it is possible to just come and enjoy a nice and warm meal with your fellow students or you may sign up for the team of volunteers (yes! 😎) who prepares and serves the food.

The event is free of charge for BI students, and serves as a space for networking, fun, and chilling 🙂 You just have to register on-line and follow the event on Facebook!

For many years, students at BI enjoy BInner once a month during the semester to make dinner and have a break from studying!

Hoping to see you in the next BInner…



Photos by the Communication Department at BI.

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