Why did you ‘Go North’?

BI is killing it on Facebook with its new Games of Thrones inspired ‘Go North’ advertising campaign. It has already garnered nearly 6,000 Facebook likes and 820 shares. If you haven’t already seen the video, check it out now:

The campaign’s humor, cultural-relevance and touch of fantasy is clearly resonating with viewers online. But it’s not just fun; it also highlights several very real reasons to consider BI for your business education.

  • Triple Accreditation: BI is among an elite group of only 75 triple accredited business schools in the world. That means no matter where the future takes you, your degree with be recognized and highly valued globally.
  • Stand Out: Hundreds of smart, motivated students study business every year. So even if you do well, there is a risk of getting lost in the crowd as you apply for jobs. BI’s reputation as a well-respected and accredited school that’s just slightly off the radar can help to make you stand out.
  • Future-oriented: You’ve probably heard that many of us will end up retiring from jobs or industries that don’t even exist now. Norway is on the cutting edge of developing sustainable solutions for the future, so it’s a great place to be to learn the skills you’ll need to be adaptable and valuable well into the future.
  • Norway!: Have you seen Norway? Who wouldn’t want an excuse to spend time in a country this beautiful?

BI’s campaign also ties in well with Oslo’s recent tourism campaign! They rescue Travelers from overcrowded and predictable vacation destinations and introduce them to the unique and underrated offerings of Oslo instead. Watch it HERE.

Clearly, there are lots of good reasons to come to BI! What made you choose BI for Your studies? Let us know in the comments!


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