Riga rhymes with Oslo.

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce to Rolands, a first year Master student from Latvia. Here he tells us about his motivations and expectations about the Master of Science in Business, majoring in Strategy. Following our last post He is one of this year’s scholarship recipients!

Name: Rolands Englands

Degree from BI: MSc in Business – major in Strategy

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: Riga, Latvia

Name of the Schools where he comes from: Riga Business School and BI Norwegian Business School (Double Degree)

Location: Oslo, Norway


I decided to apply to BI because I got acquainted with the institution during my 3rd year of Bachelor studies as a Double Degree student and after having spent just one semester here, I understood that one year at BI will not be enough to utilize the full potential of what both the university and the city can offer academically, professionally and socially.

I believe this will help me in my career because BI has high standards, international recognition, it attracts a highly diverse and a talented pool of people from all around the world. Since the university it is situated in such a dynamic city, opportunities lie around every corner as long as you get involved and prioritize.



What I am looking forward the most is creating a strong international network both in and outside the boundaries of the university and use that as a career building block in addition to the sound academic foundation provided by BI. Studying in Oslo suits me because I get to be surrounded by a great deal of likeminded individuals with high ambitions, integrity and very truthful and fun personalities. This social aspect plays an important role in my career aspirations.



The scariest thing of moving away from home is potentially missing out on opportunities to have an impact on the changes that Latvia is experiencing in terms of both economic and cultural progress. I will also try hard not to lose contact with close people from my social and professional circles.

What I will miss the most about my country is taking part and experiencing various national celebrations, such as the 100th anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia in November 2018, for example. Although a small nation, Latvians are known for remarkable celebrations and the traditions surrounding them.


The most remarkable/interesting thing I am ready to learn is to be as resilient as the Norwegian people are. Norwegians can endure tough situations and are strong both mentally and physically which gives a great deal of inspiration.

I would like to get advice on the most noteworthy destinations in Norway for challenging hikes (I have already done Trolltunga) and amazing sights of nature.




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