5 Weekend Trips from Oslo

Adjusting to being a BI student can be hard work. Sometimes the best remedy is a weekend away to clear your head and renew your motivation. Whether you’re in the mood for a challenging outdoor adventure, a cultural city break or just some relaxation, Oslo is a convenient jumping off point.

Here are some favorite ways to get away for the weekend:

1. Sail to Denmark:

CopenhagenVisit your new neighbors by hopping aboard an overnight ferry bound for Copenhagen or Frederikkshavn. The route takes about 17 hours, so if you plan carefully, you can enjoy some relaxation on either end of an exciting day exploring a new city.  Currently, only one ferry company operates each route: DFDS Seaways sails to Copenhagen and Stena Line sails to Frederikkshavn.


2. Explore Stavanger and Climb Preikestolen:

Preikestolen2.pngSurrounded by beautiful fjords, mountains and beaches, and a former European Capital of Culture, Stavanger is a delightful place to spend the weekend. It is also nearby to iconic Preikestolen. Only a few hours’ hike, climbing Preikestolen is an easy way to get a taste of Norway’s postcard-perfect natural beauty. To reach the trailhead from Stavanger, take the ferry to Tau and then catch a bus.


3. Hike to Trolltunga:

TrolltungaBest for a long weekend, this iconic hike is a bit difficult to access, but just as majestic and memorable as it looks. You can rent a car or take a bus from Oslo to Odda (about 7 hours) or fly to Bergen and take a car bus from there (also about 7 hours in total) then stay the night and begin your hike early the next morning. It’s important to get an early start as the 27.5-km route with 1000 meters in elevation gain is no joke. In fact, hiking without a guide is not permitted in the fall or winter and inexperienced hikers should use a guide year-round. Read more about how to hike Trolltunga safely here.


4. Take the train from Oslo to Bergen:

Oslo_Bergen_TrainThey railway between Olso and Bergen is considered one of the most scenic in the world, crossing one of Europe’s highest mountain plateaus and offering spectacular views along the way. At Myrdal station, you can take a detour and ride the famous Flåm Railway down a steep valley to the fjord. Once in Bergen, spend some time walking around the historic and picturesque city. But don’t forget your umbrella—Bergen is known to be one of the rainiest cities in the world!


5. Europe Within Reach:

flights_to_EuropeThough nestled in the far corner of Europe, Norway is still just a few hours’ flight from most European destinations. So, when the price is right (or you are in desperate need of some warmth and sunshine), get to the airport! Norway’s own award-winning budget airline Norwegian offers easily searchable flight options by month and destination type.

Happy travels!


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