SBIO: A Place for Everyone

BI’s main campus in Oslo is always a busy place. But on Thursday it was even crazier than usual with the appearance of more than 60 booths from all of SBIO’s academic associations, societies, projects and staff functions.

As a new student at BI, it was hard for me to wrap my head around exactly what SBIO (BI’s Student Union) does and the role of all these different organisations. Luckily, the SBIO management team organized a pre-recruitment day event to explain just these things.

To sum it up, SBIO is home to four different types of student organisations: Academic Associations, Projects, Societies and Staff Functions:

Academic Associations: Every student is automatically a member of their academic society already. (So there are no excuses not to get involved—you already are!) Board positions become available every year for students that would like to take an active role in the academic and social lives of their classmates.

Projects: Projects are large cross-program initiatives. The best known is Fadderullan (the extensive orientation week program for all incoming students) but there are also projects organizing school-wide performing arts events, charity drives, case competitions and the annual BergeNSBaneløpet relay race between BI and NHH.

Societies: Societies are organisations large or small centered around uniting students with common interests, from gourmet food to cabin trips to athletics.

Staff Functions: SBIO is run for and by students. That means there a large number of support functions filled by skilled students that attend to SBIO’s accounting, marketing, media production, technical needs and business connections.

 As I chatted with representatives of the various groups, I was encouraged to hear that international students and master’s students are welcome in all organisations (though some are more suitable to our needs than others). In fact, getting involved in SBIO organisations is an ideal way to make Norwegian (and other international) friends while adding a little something extra to your CV at the same time!

Here’s a sample of just a few of the organisations that caught my eye:

Daniil MikhalkevichBI Outdoor: A society for everyone who loves the outdoors! This one is especially good for international students that want to explore all the natural beauty that Norway has to offer with a ready-made group of friends.


Jonas Caesar Steen-HansenKollektivet: This social society is based around trying new things (paintball, climbing, go-karting, sledding) with a diverse group of fun loving people. Who couldn’t use some more fun to balance out all the studying?


img_5353-e1502654473718International Student Association (InSA): This society is focused on integrating Norwegian and international students through monthly coffee hours and regular cultural events throughout the city. It’s mostly bachelor’s students now but they’re eager to welcome more master students into the community.


LacrosseLions/Lionesses Lacrosse: BI’s men’s and woman’s lacrosse teams are well known for their dedication, championship wins and team spirit. If you are already a lacrosse pro or practice other sports and want to try something new, go for a tryout—skill and attitude are what is important, not age or nationality.

What organisations are you excited about? Let me know in the comments 🙂

– Jennifer


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