Master Buddies – First Edition

Hey there, it is Emma again!

This post is about the highlight of the Orientation week. This year we introduced the Master Buddy Programme.


In BI Norwegian Business School, we want to address and fulfill the expectations of all our freshmen, so we went for it and recruited second year Master Students that were willing to be the first friend, contact and mentor of this year’s new students. The initiative was a success! The students from the first year now get help with career exploration, networking, and professional skill building from their older peers, plus social life hints and tricks around Oslo! Like where to find the cheapest books or the best burger in town?

The first years got to meet their Buddies during their first day of school after the Mastermind games and then headed to Frognerparken for a huuuge BBQ.

Matthias from Germany and Jarrod from Trinidad and Tobago tell us in this clip how their experience was  as first and second year students, check it out!


See you around,



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