From Hai Phong City to Oslo, to become a Master.

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce to Ha, an incoming first year student from Vietnam. Here she tells us about her motivation and expectations to study the Master of Science in Business, majoring in Leadership and Change.

_Melaleuca forests_ - An Giang city - Vietnam

Name: Pham Thu Ha

Degree from BI: MSc in Business – Leadership and Change

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Name of the School where she did her Bachelor: Foreign Trade University

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam



I decided to apply to BI because in Norway, BI is the only place providing the field I am looking for – “Leadership, Management and Change in Business”. In the future, I want to become a business management consultant.  

I believe this will help me in my career by providing me a sound academic foundation, an international recognized degree and an “elite” environment full of future leaders (Yeah! I have heard a lot about the excellent students in BI from my friends’ stories)

In Vietnamese traditional costume (Ao dai) with my closet friend


What I am looking forward the most is the chances to meet with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, as well as enjoying Norway’s magnificent nature. Studying in Oslo suits me because it is the heart of Norway, which means all kinds of people, working opportunities and beautiful nature are combined here.

The scariest thing of moving away from home is… (I can’t think of anything now. I just feel so excited about the upcoming 2 years!)

What I will miss the most about my country is the dynamic energy from its young people. Vietnam is a developing nation still struggling with numerous social and economic problems. Nevertheless, these challenges are the chances for young people to think, innovate and implement new ideas. Talk to any Vietnamese young leader or go to any Vietnamese University. You will immediately feel that energy!

The dynamic energy from young people I mentioned. I was with my fellows in a training program for young leaders


The most remarkable/interesting thing I am ready to learn is why Norway is always one of the happiest countries in the world. I want to learn “the secret of living happily”, apply that to my own life and develop my nation as well.


I would like to get advice on Norwegian culture and how to integrate into BI’s international student community.

In this post you can see some pictures I took during my 2-week backpacking in the south of Vietnam (I am sure you will fall in love with Vietnam’s nature, food and people when you go there).

I can’t wait to meet all my future friends and colleagues! See you soon in the Orientation Week!

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