Felles Ferie!

July is upon us and in Norway that means FELLES FERIE (WOOHOO!)

What it actually means is that most Norwegians are on vacation at the same time.  Many organizations, including BI Norwegian Business School, operate using a skeleton crew. They do not shut down, but there are very few people working. This helps student assistants at BI, because it provides them with summer jobs 😉

“I was shocked when I went to a store and the sign said something to the effect of ‘if you have serious or complex customer service issues, please come back after felles ferie when our full-time staff has returned’,” said Shani P. Senior Advisor at BI, a Canadian transplant to Norway. “You would not see that in a customer service area in Canada! They would always make sure they have sufficient coverage for vacations. I think it might be because the summer is so short here that everyone wants the same four weeks of holidays.”

Norwegians head to their cottages in the south, their cabins in the mountains, or Spain (seems to be a popular destination). Meanwhile Oslo is filled with tourists and a few of us are on hand to answer student questions and are making sure all the plans are in place to welcome the incoming MSc Class.


Check out this link to find out a little bit more: http://blog.ekornes.com/fellesferie-norwegian-tradition-explained/



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