Step into the city of lights… competing internationally.

Paris, France.

Hei! My name is Andreea Vasilica, and now that the exams are finally over I have been invited to tell you about my experience in the European Finance Cup 2017. 

Our team? Double Degree international students (Andreea, Carmen and Cosmin) studying the MSc in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School.


We were proud to represent our university at the European Finance Cup, which targets the top business and finance schools in Europe, among the highest ranked 20 finalist teams.

The competition, organized by Transaction EDHEC and sponsored by many institutions including the Bloomberg Institute and Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, consisted of two parts:

  • M&A Case Study (February 22nd2017 – March 19th 2017);
  • Trading on ProRealTime platform (March 1st2017 – March 25th 2015)

Following the results based on these two initial phases, we succeeded to rank 4th within the top 100 teams participating in the competition. Thus, we managed to qualify for the final phase of the competition held in Paris.

Our experience in the European Finance Cup Competition was fruitful and eye-opening. The two rounds of the final phase of the competition were supervised by Credit Agricole Investment Banking and Bloomberg. On the one hand, the M&A negotiation round, supervised by Credit Agricole, provided us with a glimpse into the real life cases as it was inspired by FNAC-Darty acquisition. On the other hand, the stock pitch analysis, supervised by Bloomberg, helped us gain more knowledge about the energy industry.

We recommend this competition to every BI student interested to gain insights within futures trading and stock pitching. We are thankful to both Transaction EDHEC for the opportunity and to BI Norwegian Business School for its ongoing support.

Many thanks from Andreea Vasilica, Carmen Dima and Cosmin Popa!

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  1. lisa says:

    you are the best


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