“Being an athlete and a student is not that different”

Tiril Hartvedt Bue is a 23-year-old Business and Administration student. And Olympic sailor. While some students took a deserved break from working hard over the summer, Tiril was busy representing Norway in the Rio 2016 Olympics. In her mind, training to be an Olympic sailor is not all that different from studying on a Bachelor programme. Here, she shares why.


“Amazing, awesome, astounding, superb. None of these can adequately describe the feeling I had after getting the Olympic spot. The past four years have contained so much blood, sweat and tears that it’s hard to remember it all. But as clichéd as it sounds, it was all worth it.

A Bachelor degree is three years. An Olympic campaign is four. Imagine your classmates and friends, all aiming and working for the same Bachelor, but only one of you will get it in the end. That is how it works in Olympic sailing. Only one athlete from each nation is allowed to represent their country in each class. So you are competing with your best friends in achieving that one goal you have all worked for for so many years. It’s brutal. But you have to be on top of your class, and that only makes the feeling of achieving it even greater.

tiril hartvedt bue

Before the the Olympics, I felt ready. I had followed my plan and all the work was done, it felt great. That is a feeling I am always chasing in my training, which I am also trying to transfer to my studying. The feeling of knowing that you have done all that is in your power to be the best you can be, when everything comes down to that one moment. That one competition or that one exam. Because being an athlete and a student is not that different. The success you achieve is all based on your effort, determination and will. It is all about planning, dedication, structure and, last but not least, doing the work.”

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