Busting The Myths Of Consultancy

Consultancy is a common route for BI graduates and with diverse projects, an exciting career ladder, international possibilities and an attractive salary, that is no surprise. However, is the reality of consultancy as clear cut as the image you have? BI alumni Stig Ove Nystad, 27, is an analyst at Accenture and says that it probably is not. Here is why.

Consultants have a life outside work
Can you expect any spare time as a successful consultant? Absolutely! As an employee in Accenture, you have the luxury of planning the workdays yourself. If you want to work more, you can take greater responsibility in our recruiting organization, business development initiatives or internal community building activities. If you want to change something, just have a chat with your project manager, and they will try everything to make it happen. However, some project will require periods of hard work.


BI Professor Talking.jpg

Business consultants are not generalists
The generalist is dead. In the past, it was rumored that business consultants could present an analysis based on Porters Five Forces and the client would be happy. Today, clients are increasingly demanding customized solutions to meet their needs. They expect consultants to use both industry specific expertise and functional experience to find a specific solution to a problem.

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Consultants use many different tools
Is PowerPoint the only tool in our toolbox? It really depends on the project. Some of my colleagues mainly use PowerPoint, but others rely on Visio, Business Intelligence software, Project Management tools etc.

Business consultants are exposed to IT
No matter what type of work you are doing, you will always be exposed to IT. To have information control, analytics capabilities, standard processes, the ability to enable automation, etc. all parts of a business need to be supported by IT. As a consultant, this means that you need to understand how IT is enabling businesses to deliver their strategy.

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Business consultants don’t dress to impress
In Accenture, we always talk about “standing in the clients’ shoes”. Consequently, the dress code depends on what people wear at the client site, i.e. “wearing the clients’ clothes”. This enables us to deliver high quality solutions. Some of my colleagues working in the shipping industry are expected to wear a tie. However, at my project I usually wear shirt and jeans.
How your consultancy career looks really depends on the company you work with but one definite thing is that you will be exposed to many interesting problems, and you will have a great time doing it!
In case, you are interested in working for Accenture be sure to be at the company presentation on Sept. 8th!

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